Reporting absences and leave


If a day student is staying home because of illness, parents have three options to notify the school:

  • Advise through St Paul’s School Phone App, under My Portal; Absences
  • Email
  • Phone 07 957 8899 before 8.00 am

On returning to school, absences should be explained by a dated note from parents to the housemaster, giving the reason for the absence and setting out the duration of the absence.


Appointments (e.g. dental, medical, driving) should be made out of school hours so that the pattern of learning is not interrupted. However, if this is not possible and the appointment takes place during class time then the student must present a note from a parent or an appointment card to their housemaster. Students must also sign out at the school office before leaving school grounds and on arrival back to school must sign back in at the school office.


St Paul’s has a well-defined set of rules governing leave arrangements. These are for the benefit and protection of students, parents and the school.

1. No student may leave the school grounds during the school day without appropriate permission
2. Students must sign out at the school office when leaving during the school day and sign in when they return.

Detailed arrangements and procedures for boarders' leave can be found in the Boarding Handbook