School prefects

2021 School Prefects:

  • Brandon Anderton: Co-Head Environmental and Junior
  • Ben Back: Head International and Arts
  • Jae Broomfield: Head of Williams, Co-Head Boarding and Junior
  • Katie Brown: Head of Harington (B), Co-Head Boarding and Social
  • Chloe Carr-Paterson: Co-Head Sports and Spirit
  • Niah Church-Jones: Co-Head Spirit and Junior
  • Neisha Cooper: Head of Fitchett and Co-Head Arts
  • Oscar Coxhead: Co-Head of Spirit and Social
  • James Findlay: Head of School House and Junior
  • Caitlin Fladgate: Deputy Head, Prefects Duty Roster and Co-Head Environment
  • Marcia Graafhuis: Chapel and Co-Head MOS
  • Joe Grigg: Head of Fitchett and Co-Head Junior
  • Josh Gullery: Head of Clark, Co-Head Social and Boarding
  • Hazel Hulme: Head of Sargood, Co-Head Social and Environmental
  • Laurence I'Anson: Head of Hamilton, Chapel and Co-Head Arts
  • Didi Lawson: Co-Head Academics and Environmental
  • Sam Lints: Head of Sargood and Boarding
  • Guy Ludbrook: Co-Head Junior, Boarding and Academic
  • Sophie Marsh: Head of Harington (D) and Co-Head Wellbeing
  • Gretel Muir: Head Girl and Co-Head Wellbeing
  • Matire Ormsby-van Selm: Co-Head Te Kaea and Head of School House
  • Kuwyn Price: Head of Hall and Co-Head Sport
  • Hamish Saunders: Co-Head Academics and Boarding
  • Frazer Tam: Deputy Head, Chapel and Co-Head MOS
  • Charlize Tordoff: Chapel, Head of Hall and Social
  • Matthew Waddell: Head Boy and Co-Head Junior
  • Drake Walther: Co-Head International and Sports
  • Lincoln Winter: Co-Head Spirit and Boarding
  • Belinda Wright: Chapel, Head of Williams and Sport
  • Diya Kurien: MOS
  • Harry Derry: MOS
  • Jessica Scatchard

2021 Portfolio Holders (Non-Prefects)

  • Isabella Hills: Head of Hamilton
  • Tom Matthews: Co-Head Te Kaea
  • Amy Rochat: Head of Clark