Second hand uniform

The School Shop runs a second-hand uniform outlet which sells previously worn uniform items on behalf of parents. There is also a Facebook Group where families can buy and sell here.

Appointments can be made by contacting shop staff on 07 957 8841 or by emailing

Second hand uniform policy

The aim of The School Shop’s second-hand uniform service is to make available good quality pre-used uniform items whilst providing reasonable reimbursement to those families who no longer require them.

Only regulation school uniform that is in a clean and tidy condition and considered to be in good repair can be accepted for resale. The School Shop reserves the right to decline items not considered to be in clean condition or good repair.

The following commission and handling fee is applicable: All other items 50% of the selling price.

The following conditions apply:

  • Items with holes, stains, tears, broken zips or missing buttons will not be accepted. Items that have attracted animal hair will not be accepted. We accept Moana and Kooga uniforms only.
  • All items must be dry-cleaned or washed and pressed. All name labels must be removed; dry-cleaning tags may remain.
  • Used clothing items will be displayed in The School Shop or the second-hand uniform room for a period of 12 months and on-sold on your behalf. Any items not sold within the 12-month period will be available for collection or can be donated to the school.

When purchasing a new uniform, no guarantee is given by The School Shop for any future returns to be accepted for resale.

Items considered for resale

  • Items purchased previously as second-hand may not be accepted for resale
  • Black blazer with school logo on pocket (girls and boys)
  • Formal long trousers
  • Grey shorts (Argyle brand)
  • Grey aertex shirt
  • Formal skirt
  • Culottes
  • Grey checked blouse
  • Black jersey with school logo (NZ knit only)
  • School tie
  • Tracksuit jacket and pant
  • House polo shirt and singlet
  • White polo shirt
  • PE multi short/rugby short
  • Bumble bee singlet
  • Bumble bee multi tee
  • Bumble bee rugby jersey
  • School scarf
  • School fleece-lined jacket


If you would like further information in regard to either the sale or purchase of second-hand items, please don’t hesitate to contact The School Shop on 07 957 8841.