Sport information

The information below is to indicate the likely activities, equipment and uniform that will be disbursed for individual sports. A sports levy will be disbursed to students accounts for the cost of their chosen sport, this cost will include affiliation fees, coaching, first aid, travel, venue hire, equipment etc. The amount of the levy will depend on the nature of the sport and the costs associated with it.

St Paul’s is a signatory and a strong supporter of the Hillary Commission’s Fairplay Initiative. Students competing in the host of activities offered by St Paul’s are expected to play to the best of their ability and to show respect for their opponents, coaches, supporters and teammates.


  • Grades – Junior (under-14), intermediate (under-16), senior (under-19)
  • Venue – St Paul’s and Porritt Stadium
  • Costs – Travel, accommodation and meals disbursed for students when competing. Affiliation fees for students that choose to join a local club
  • Uniform – Bumble bee singlet, PE shorts, tracksuit, spikes (if applicable)
  • Key dates – Term 1: School athletics, Waikato BOP secondary schools athletics championships, North Island secondary schools track and field championships. Term 4: New Zealand secondary schools track and field championships.


  • Grades – Division 2, Division 3 (novice) and social
  • Venue – School gymnasium or other venues in Hamilton
  • Costs – Competition fees, transport and coaching costs disbursed to parents as required
  • Uniform – Black shorts or skirt, white polo shirt, white socks, non-marking shoes.


  • Grades – Year 9 boys, senior boys, premier boys, junior A (Year 9 and 10)
  • Venue – St Paul’s
  • Costs – Sports levy applies. Qualifying and national tournament fees, travel and accommodation costs disbursed
  • Uniform – St Paul’s singlet with black numbering, black shorts, white socks.

Claybird shooting

  • Grades – Open
  • Venue – Waikato Gun Club Inc.
  • Costs – Ammunition, travel and coaching if required (Waikato Gun Club)
  • Uniform – School tracksuit
  • Key dates – Club and interschool competitions during the course of the year. Term 2: North Island championships, South Island championships and New Zealand championships.


  • Grades – Year 10 premier, Year 9 premier and colts, 3rd XI, 2nd XI, 1st XI
  • Venue – St Paul’s playing fields
  • Match day – Saturday with occasional midweek games (Wednesday)
  • Costs – Sports Levy applies. Charges disbursed for travel to exchanges
  • Uniform – White polo shirt, white hat or school cap, cricket white longs.

Cross country

  • Grades – Waikato junior boys under-14, intermediate boys and girls under-16, senior boys and girls under-19
  • Practice time – Twice per week plus personal runs 2 – 3 times per week
  • Venue – School playing fields
  • Costs – Transport costs disbursed to parents as required. Accommodation, food and travel are disbursed if runners choose to attend competitions
  • Uniform – School PE shorts (black), house singlet, St Paul’s PE shorts (black) and bumblebee singlet
  • Key dates – Term 2: Waikato BOP secondary school cross country championships and New Zealand secondary schools cross country championships.


  • Grades – All, triathletes and track and road cyclists
  • Practice time – Tuesday and Thursday
  • Venue – St Paul’s
  • Costs – Entry to competitions
  • Uniform – Cycle shorts and top, safety jacket and lights, own helmet
  • Key events – Term 2: Waikato Bay of Plenty secondary schools competition. Term 3: North Island secondary schools competition.


  • Grades – Three senior and two junior boys squads, one girls squad
  • Practice time – At least two practices midweek, after school until 5.15pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s playing fields
  • Match day – Saturday mornings with occasional midweek games with 1st XI teams
  • Costs – Sports Levy applies. Transport, accommodation and costs associated with tournament will be disbursed
  • Uniform – 1st XI plays in sponsored yellow and black shirts, black shorts and yellow socks. Others play in white shirts, black shorts and banded socks
  • Key dates – Term 1: Team trials in last two weeks. Term 2 and 3: League competition and national tournament week.


  • Grades – For students at all year levels who require professional coaching, have an official golf handicap or have another main sport but would like the occasional practice at the driving range
  • Practice time – Generally twice per week after school until 5.30pm
  • Venue – School playing fields, Pro Drive, and Hamilton Golf Club
  • Match Day – All matches are on weekdays
  • Costs – Transportation costs, ball hire and club hire are disbursed to parents as required. Coaching costs, if applicable, are likewise disbursed
  • Key dates – To be advised.


  • Grades – 1st XI boys, 1st XI girls, 2nd XI boys, 2nd XI girls, 3rd XI boys, 4th XI boys, 5th XI boys
  • Practice time – Monday to Thursday after school. Two practices per team per week
  • Venue – St Paul’s turf or Waikato Hockey Centre
  • Match day: 1st XI boys Wednesday 5.30pm – 7.30pm; 2nd XI boys and girls Wednesday 4pm - 9pm
  • Costs – Sports levy applies. Accommodation, travel and associated costs for tournament disbursed
  • Uniform – 1st XI boys: shirt (provided), black shorts and gold socks. 1st XI girls: shirt and skirt (provided) and gold socks. 2nd XI boys: white school polo shirt, black shorts, banded socks. 2nd XI girls: white shirt, black skirt, banded socks
  • Key dates – Term 3: hockey quad in Tauranga, 1st XI boys and girls compete in nationals secondary schools tournament week.

Mountain biking

  • Grades – Juniors (under-14), intermediates (under-16), seniors (under-19)
  • Events – Cross country, hill climb and downhill
  • Practice time – Tuesday and Thursday after school
  • Venue – Pukete MTB and BMX track along the Waikato River
  • Match day – Travel to a mountain bike track in Rotorua to experience forest trails
  • Costs – Transportation costs disbursed to parents as required including entry fees for competitions
  • Uniform – Helmet, printed T-shirt, drink bottle
  • Key dates – Term 1: New Zealand secondary schools mountain bike championships. Term 4: Cross country team relay (Rotorua).


  • Grades – Open A, senior and development teams
  • Practice time – Before and after school twice a week as well as personal training programme
  • Venue – St Paul’s Sports Centre
  • Match day – Saturday
  • Costs – Sports levy applies. Tournament costs of travel, accommodation, entry fees and associated costs are disbursed
  • Uniform – One-piece black dress with gold stripes down the sides. Black underwear is required. Girls are expected to wear the School tracksuit to and from games. White socks and hair tied back.
  • Key dates – Term 3: Open A plays in the upper North Island secondary schools tournament.

Rock climbing

  • Grades – Years 10 to 13
  • Practice time – Tuesday, Thursday and some Wednesdays
  • Venue – Extreme Edge indoor climbing gym, Greenwood Street, Hamilton
  • Costs – Sports levy applies
  • Uniform – School tracksuit and PE/house gear
  • Key dates – Regional tournaments to be announced. Term 1: national tournament


  • Grades – Boys: under-15, under-16, under-17, under-18, under-18 novice, under-18 lightweight. Girls: under-16, under-17, under-18, under-18 novice, under-18 lightweight
  • Practice time – 5.45am – 7am, 4pm – 6.30pm
  • Training venues – St Paul’s Sports Centre, erg room, St Paul’s Boatshed (Deys Park, River Road), Waikato River
  • Regatta venues – Lake Karapiro (Cambridge), Lake Ruataniwha (Twizel)
  • Regatta days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday (mainly Term 1)
  • Costs – Subscriptions vary but include all costs except racing uniform and expenses associated with competing at the New Zealand secondary schools rowing championships (Maadi Cup)
  • Uniform – Provided
  • Key dates – Three to four rowing camps per season (September holidays (first week), December/January holidays (first week and last week) and pre-Maadi weekend (March)
  • Regattas – Karapiro rowing spring regatta (November/December) Cambridge town cup (January), junior regatta (February), North Island secondary schoos rowing championships (March), New Zealand secondary schools rowing championships (Maadi Cup) (March/April) (alternates between Karapiro and Twizel).


  • Grades – under-55kg, under-65kg, under-14, under-16, 3rd XV, 2nd XV, 1st XV
  • Practice time – Twice a week for most teams, Monday to Thursday, after school until 5.15pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s rugby fields
  • Match day – Saturday, with occasional midweek games (Wednesday)
  • Costs – Sports levy applies. Transportation and accommodation costs, disbursed
  • Uniform – School rugby jersey (yellow, black, white hoops), black shorts, School rugby socks for most teams. 2nd XV have numbered jerseys and play in white shorts. First XV have black jerseys with yellow collars, white shorts, and black socks with hoops
  • Key dates – Chiefs Cup/Waikato Secondary Schools tournament, CNI rugby competition tournament, quadrangular tournament.


  • Grades – While skiing is not an ‘official’ winter sport, St Paul’s enters a team of five students in the North Island secondary schools championships in September. The team is made up of advanced skiers, preferably those that have had experience in racing gates
  • Costs – $250
  • Uniform – Helmet and appropriate clothing for the mountain conditions, a printed hooded sweatshirt is optional
  • Key Dates – Term 3: North Island secondary schools championships.


  • Grades – Open mens and open womens
  • Practice time – Students practice in their own time, there is no organised practice
  • Venue – Turoa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu
  • Costs – Ski passes, travel, accommodation and other costs disbursed
  • Uniform – Helmet and appropriate clothing for the mountain conditions, a printed hooded sweatshirt is optional
  • Key dates – Term 3: North Island secondary schools snowboarding competition.


  • Grades – Not applicable
  • Practice time – Monday to Friday, 3.45pm to 5.30pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s squash courts
  • Match day – Friday evenings Term 2 and 3, various weekend tournaments
  • Costs – $40.00 per term plus various tournament entry fees
  • Uniform: House sports uniform and squash shorts for practise. St Paul’s white polo shirt, black PE shorts, white socks and squash shoes for competition
  • Key dates – Term 2: Waikato teams championships. Term 3: New Zealand championships.


  • Grades – Year 9-13 students, must be confident swimmers
  • Practice time – Mr Rudkins under parent supervision
  • Venue – Raglan for competition
  • Match day – To be notified
  • Costs – Approximately $25
  • Uniform – School tracksuit over swimming togs
  • Key dates – Term 2 competition.


  • Groups – A, B, C – Swimmers are graded according to their ability. Competent swimmers training for Waikato secondary schools championships, learn to swim and others training for triathlons, Hillary Challenge and 1500m
  • Practice time – Twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3.40pm – 4.30pm.
  • Venue – St Paul’s pool with club coaches provided
  • Competitions – Waikato secondary schools championships and New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships.
  • Costs – $150.00 per term.
  • Uniform – School tracksuit, swimming togs, swimming cap
  • Key dates – Term 1: St Paul’s swimming sports, May: Waikato secondary school championships. June: North Island secondary schools championships. July: NZ secondary schools championships.

Table tennis

  • Grades – Not applicable
  • Practice time – Tuesdays, after school
  • Venue – St Paul’s hall
  • Match day – Fridays, 4.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Costs – $30
  • Uniform – White polo shirt, black PE shorts, white socks, sport shoes. Students are expected to arrive for play in school tracksuit
  • Key dates – June-August: Waikato secondary schools competition.


  • Grades – Juniors (Year 9 and 10) and seniors (Years 11, 12 and 13)
  • Practice time – Seniors, Tuesday and Thursday. Juniors, Monday and Wednesday.
  • Venue – St Paul’s tennis courts
  • Match day – Wednesday (interschool)
  • Costs – Interschool competition $5 per student; Waikato champs $5per student. Levy $60.00 Private coaching available.
  • Uniform – School white polo shirt and black shorts. Interschool players will have team shirts and black shorts with pockets
  • Key dates – Term 1: Waikato secondary schools championships, Waikato zone playoffs for nationals.

Touch rugby

  • Grades – Junior boys (Term 1 and 4) and senior boys and girls (Term 1)
  • Practice time – After school two days a week 3.30pm to 5.00pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s rugby fields near dining hall
  • Match day – Wednesday at Waikato University
  • Costs – Travel costs (boarders) $20 – $30 disbursed to parents as required
  • Uniform – Bumblebee tops (alternatively school white t-shirt) and black shorts
  • Key dates – Team organisation Term 1.


  • Groups – Junior, intermediate, senior boys and senior girls
  • Practice time – Cycling on Tuesdays and Thursdays, + swimming and run sessions as arranged with Mr Aldridge
  • Venue – St Paul’s pool and athletic track. Cycling routes.
  • Match day – Selected races at athletes’ discretion
  • Costs – Entry fees to events
  • Uniform – School sports uniform where appropriate
  • Key dates – Waikato secondary schools individual triathlon, Waikato secondary schools teams triathlon,national schools open water championships and aquathon champs, Waikato secondary schools individual duathlon, Waikato secondary schools team duathlon, national secondary schools triathlon (individual and team), national secondary schools duathlon.


  • Grades – Girls (Years 11-13). Boys (Years 11 and 13)
  • Practice time – Monday and Wednesday 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s Sports Centre
  • Match Day – Monday evenings at Te Rapa Sportsdrome between 6-9pm for 40 minutes. Wednesday evenings Te Rapa Sportsdrome for beach volleyball
  • Costs – $20.00 for indoor teams and $30.00 for beach pairs
  • Uniform – Boys: black shorts and school black traning shirt. Girls: black shorts and striped St Paul’s singlet.
  • Key dates – To be advised.

Water polo

  • Grades – Senior (Years 11 to 13) and junior (Years 9 and 10)
  • Practice time – Tuesday 4.00pm – 5.00pm; Wednesday 5.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Venue – Waterworld, Te Rapa, Hamilton.
  • Match day – Matches (of 30 minutes duration) and played on weeknights between 6.00pm and 9.00pm. There is no weekend commitment.
  • Costs – $115 inclusive (this covers competition fees, pool entry, pool hire, coaching and transport.
  • Uniform – School speedos are compulsory for training and matches. Caps are provided. Full St Paul’s tracksuit is required for travel to and from Waterworld.

Weight training

  • Grades – Years 11 to 13 only
  • Practice time – Tuesday and Thursday, 3.30pm- 5.00pm
  • Venue – St Paul’s weights room
  • Costs – Nil
  • Uniform – School PE gear, tracksuit, strong running shoes and towel.