Pastoral care and housemasters

St Paul’s Collegiate School provides a strong support system for students as they grow from adolescents into young adults.

Qualified support staff including a chaplain, nurse, guidance counsellor and careers counsellor are available for students who require academic, medical and emotional support and advice. Students can also call on their housemaster and deputy housemaster, who live on campus, for support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each house has an allocated housemaster who meets daily with a deputy housemaster to discuss student progress, highlights and concerns. The housemasters’ are responsible for the pastoral care and progress of each student’s academic, sporting and cultural involvement. The role of providing pastoral care is being sensitive to a wide range of signals that indicates a student’s academic, social and personal development.

Housemasters assist students with study methods, personal organisation and social behaviour. They are also available for consultation with parents where they can communicate by phone, email or arranged meetings.

View our pastoral care staff and boarding housemasters here.