Visual arts curriculum

At St Paul’s Collegiate School we value creativity and visual literacy, viewing these as essential skills for students to hold, nurture and grow on both an academic and extracurricular platform.

Taking a visual arts course supports students to gain and develop skills in a particular field of art, but also to gain essential transferable qualities that businesses and organisations world-wide are searching for in young employees and new graduates, beyond and including the creative-sector.

Studying a subject in the Visual Arts at St Paul’s Collegiate, such as General Art (Yr 9-10), and/or Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and/or Sculpture (Yr 11-13), will greatly support students during High School, and in their next steps after High School.

In Year 9 all students are required to take Visual Art for a period of approximately 10 weeks, as part of a wider Arts programme (also covering Drama and Music). In this compulsory course students work closely with Printmaking skills and Design principles to learn about composition, colour management and engage in research skills. In Year 10 students can choose to take Art as a half year program, and the course is comprised of two major assignments, a Design and Painting based assignment exploring self identity as well as a Ceramic, Sculpture and Drawing based assignment exploring the art of communicating personal stories. In Year 11 students can choose from two course options, each course focusing on different disciplines within the field of Visual Arts – students can choose to take either Year 11 “Visual Art” which covers the disciplines of Painting/Printmaking and Sculpture or Year 11 Digital Visual Art which covers the disciplines of Photography, Design and Digital Drawing.

In Year 12 & 13 Visual Arts courses at St Paul’s Collegiate split into separate disciplines. Students can choose to take either (or multiple) courses in the fields of: Art Design, Art Photography and/or Art Painting/Printmaking. In all Year 12 & 13 Visual Arts courses students learn to produce and develop a body of work (in the form of a 2 or 3 panel folio) based around a particular theme / concept of their choice.

In addition to the NZQA Level 3 assessments that students complete in Year 13, students in a Year 13 Visual Art course also have the opportunity to put forward a scholarship submission. Scholarship is an award that goes hand-in-hand with the way students are mentored and encouraged to produce work in their Visual Arts subjects at St Paul’s. Students who are successful in gaining a scholarship are rewarded by both NZQA and the St Paul’s Collegiate Board of Trustees with funds to put towards future tertiary education. St Paul’s Collegiate School Visual Arts students are well supported to complete high quality scholarship submissions and have historically performed well in this area.

Extracurricular opportunities in the Visual Arts include: School Photography Team Set Painting and Props Construction for the annual School Production.

Student exhibitions

Visual Art students are supported to produce artwork that is fit for the NZQA Visual Arts curriculum as well as having the potential to be displayed and sold in public places.

Senior Visual Art Student's are involved in our annual folio board exhibition which takes place in the Performing Arts Centre at St Paul's each year.

Soul Gallery hosts an annual solo-show for St Paul's Senior Visual Arts Students. This is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase and sell their work to the wider community. Students are also encouraged to enter regional and national Visual Art competitions, such as the Sir James Wallace Student Art Awards.