The role of your child’s housemaster

Housemasters' offices are located adjacent to the houses and are an administrative hub. The housemaster and assistant housemaster meet each day and all housemasters meet each week as a group.

The housemaster is concerned not only with the pastoral care of the student but also with the student’s academic, sporting and cultural involvement and progress. Housemasters will build up an understanding of the student as a person, a member of their family and a member of the school. This pastoral role involves being sensitive to a wide range of signals that are indicative of each student’s academic, social and personal development.

Housemasters are also well placed to help students with study methods, personal organisation, social behaviour and other issues as they arise. They are the person whom the student should see in the first instance with regard to lost property and other matters. They are also available for consultation with parents who can communicate with their child’s housemaster via the student’s diary as well as by phone, letter or by arranging a meeting.

In matters of discipline, housemasters will deal with day-to-day problems while more serious problems are dealt with by the associate headmaster.

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