What is a vertical house system?

Secondary school can be a complex place consisting of a busy day-to-day routine that requires students to move from different classrooms and locations up to six times a day.

The division of our community into houses provides a smaller group in which our students can find friendship and support at St Paul’s Collegiate School.

As part of the vertical house system students take part in inter-house competitions where the School’s houses compete as teams against each other in various events. Points are allocated to each house at the end of every competition as students vie for the enviable position of champion house at the end of the year.

The house system and house competitions build community spirit and help younger students integrate into secondary school life through social interaction and bonding. Older students have the opportunity to learn important leadership skills that can be used later in their tertiary education and/or workplace. The house system also allows students to learn the importance of team work and to build on their leadership skills.

The nine houses

  • Clark House (boarding students)
  • Harington House (female students)
  • Fitchett House (day students)
  • Hall House (day students)
  • Hamilton House (day students)
  • Sargood House (boarding students)
  • School House (day students)
  • Williams House (boarding students).