Band programme

All Year 9 students at St Paul’s Collegiate School take part in a band programme, pushing them to try new experiences and introducing them to instruments they would never have tried before.

Students can choose from trumpet, cornet, clarinet, saxophone or auxiliary percussion.

Initially students are segregated into instrument groups to learn new notes, instrument techniques and instrument care. In addition to learning the basic techniques, students learn several tunes as an ensemble. They come together at the end of the programme to perform in front of the Headmaster or the whole school during assembly.

The introduction of this programme to the academic curriculum has been a huge success. Almost 90 percent of students choose to continue on with their instrument in later years.

Students are provided with an instrument of their choice at no additional cost, which must be returned at the end of the school term. Students are required to take part in weekly music lessons in a small group with two other students. These lessons are charged at the rate of $10 per lesson, per student.