Rugby - 2nd XV

v HBHS Black

Date: Saturday, 10 August 2019 at 11.00am
Venue: HBHS 3
Result: Won
Score: 24-14

It was a sunny Saturday morning where the 2nd XV came well prepared to give it they're all. The game wasn’t going to be easy considering both teams were playing for the same goal which was to make it to the finals. St Pauls started off strong giving the boys high defence a hard time to defend but boys high weren’t letting us break their defence without putting up a fight. Amazingly St Pauls received a powerful run from Tiaki Rhodes who broke through the line of the boy's high defence to end up scoring the first try of the game giving St Pauls the lead 5 - 0. Boys High came back stronger giving St Pauls a hard time to defend which got them two tries leaving the score at 5 - 14. The game was pretty tight from there but with the manpower of the forwards, they pushed their way through to score another try by Tevita Taukei’aho. Finishing the first half 10 - 14. Second half St Pauls came out stronger than they did in the first half, leaving the boy’s high team under pressure defending against our well-skilled offence. Two tries were followed up by an amazing spin move from Josh Cane to score both tries right under the post. Both tries were converted by Travis Cashmore. Final Score: 24 - 14 to St Paul’s Man of the match: Tiaki Rhodes and Josh Cane Special mention to Caleb Weck