The Greek Garden School Ball

3 June 2021
St Paul's Sports Centre

Tena koutou Parents, Guardians, Family/Whanau

The School Ball will take place on Thursday 3 June 2021.

Students attending the Ball must be aware that this is a formal social occasion and there are clear and high expectations of their conduct and behaviour. The Ball will be a completely “dry” occasion, meaning that no alcohol is allowed to be consumed either prior-to or during the Ball. We have the use of a breathalyser, urine testing kits and being patted down. We will discreetly test any student we believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any student found to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, along with their partner, will not gain entry to the Ball, and parents/guardians will be contacted to collect them immediately. Serious disciplinary consequences will result for anyone contravening this. (There are other social occasions where you may permit your son/daughter to consume alcohol, but this is not one).

It is crucial to explain to your son/daughter that, should they arrive under the influence of alcohol or carrying alcohol to this important school function, they are potentially putting their placement at St Paul’s in jeopardy and as a minimum, they can expect to possibly not be able to attend academic instruction at our school for the remainder of the year. The Waikato Anglican College Trust Board has indicated that a decision on whether St Paul’s will offer a School Ball in 2022 will, as in previous years, depend on the conduct of our senior students and their partners at the 2021 event.

St Paul’s students can choose to bring a partner to the Ball, however, there is a screening process that we will need to follow. This is outlined in the application that all students wishing to attend will be required to complete in order to obtain a ticket (Google Form link below). This partner can be from outside the St Paul’s community, but all decisions as to whether this person will be able to attend rests with the Headmaster, who may wish to interview and explain the School’s expectations at the function. Neither your son/daughter, nor their partner, will be able to leave the venue at any stage prior to the conclusion of the evening at 11.30 pm. In the past we have had parents arrive earlier to collect their son/daughter, however, we must stress that this is not possible. All attendees will remain within the confines of the sports centre for the full evening.

All students planning on attending the Ball must be present at Ball dance lessons scheduled for Thursday 20th May, Tuesday 25th May, Thursday 27th May and Tuesday 1st June between 7.30pm-8.30pm in the Sports Centre. The first hour of the Ball will be for formal dancing and we expect that all students take part in this. To enable their participation there is an expectation that students attend all, but not less than two (Year 13’s) or three (Year 12’s), of the scheduled dance lessons.

We must limit the number of tickets to comply with Health & Safety regulations. Due to the large number of students in Years 12 & 13 this year. The closing date for applications is Friday 14th May.

We expect the cost of a ticket to be $110. The price includes a continuous supper, soft drinks, dance lessons and entertainment, with the final ticket cost depending on the number of tickets sold.

The school is happy for families to host small Pre-Ball functions at their home (ie. up to seven couples) to allow photos to be taken and parents and students to get together. We expect close parental supervision at any such function, with absolutely no alcohol to be provided for students. Families hosting such a function must advise the Headmaster by email ( and also include the number and names of those attending (i.e. no later than Friday 28 May 2021).

There are to be no After-Ball functions organised. New Zealand Police have given a clear warning that at any event hosted and alcohol provided to those under 18 years, they will pursue criminal charges, while we as a school will view this as a serious disciplinary breach.

Parents/guardians MUST make themselves aware of the plans their son/daughter has made for accommodation prior to and following the Ball. On some occasions in the past, students have booked into motels and their behaviour has been inappropriate. Any student, who in such circumstances brings the school into disrepute, will be subject to school discipline. We will not countenance students staying in motels without parental supervision.

We would appreciate you going through the following requirements for the SPC 2021 School Ball with your son/daughter:

  • Students must declare on their ticket application form, the name of their partner and the name and contact details of their parent/guardian. Students are to collect their ticket at their House Pre-Ball function held between 6.30-7.00pm. Students who are taking a St Paul’s girl to the ball, should go to Harington Boarding (if she is a boarding girl) or Harington Day (if she is a day girl) to collect their tickets, and then they may go to their own House.
  • The Ball will commence at 7.00pm and doors will close at 7.45pm with no students permitted after this time.
  • The Ball will finish at 11.30 pm. Please ensure that you abide to the entry and collection times. Under no circumstances will we release students prior to 11.30pm.
  • Entry to the Ball is at the discretion of the Headmaster with each guest welcomed by the Headmaster and his management team.
  • Dress code for the evening is formal and elegant. Any student not meeting this requirement will be denied entry.
  • Any student or their partner, who in the opinion of the Associate or Deputy Headmaster is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be permitted entry.
  • Due to the School’s “no smoking” policy, students and parents are not permitted to smoke on the school grounds.

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