Little Shop of Horrors - 2024 School Production

29 June – 4 July 2024
Southwell School Performing Arts Centre - 200 Peachgrove Road, Claudelands

Experience the darkly humorous tale of Little Shop of Horrors through the eyes of Seymour, a timid floral assistant, as he navigates the temptations of fame, love, and a bloodthirsty plant named Audrey II. Meet Audrey, whose dreams of a better life collide with the sinister plans of the man-eating plant.

Come and see St Paul's students deliver captivating performances of beloved songs like 'Suddenly, Seymour', 'Somewhere That's Green', and the unforgettable 'Skid Row (Downtown)'.

Don't miss this thrilling production performed at Southwell Performing Arts Centre.

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