New dining area named Tuuaapapa – The Terrace

New dining area named Tuuaapapa – The Terrace Cameron Evans outside Tuuaapapa - The Terrace

26 April 2024

Cameron Evans (Year 10) was keen to get his hat in the ring when the school announced there was a competition for naming the new outdoor dining area.

Doing some research into names that had to do with whenua, Cameron stumbled across the Latin word 'terra' meaning earth or land. It happened to work out that 'terrace' is a base/foundation and also a name for a paved outdoor seating area.

The Maaori word for terrace is 'tuuapapa,' linking back to Cameron’s original exploration of the appropriate wording. Cameron eventually settled on Tuuaapapa – The Terrace.

Outshining all other names and suggestions, Cameron’s title selection was the perfect fit and we look forward to seeing the final touches of the outdoor area completed.

"Winning a tuck shop voucher is great, however the best part is being behind the name of something that will stand proudly at St Paul’s for years to come," says Cameron.