2023 Head Prefects announced

2023 Head Prefects announced Lucy O'Meeghan (left), Jackson Mackwood, Matthew Chanwai and Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe

25 January 2023

Congratulations to the following students who have been announced as the Head Prefects of St Paul’s Collegiate School for 2023:

  • Head Boy: Matthew Chanwai
  • Head Girl: Lucy O'Meeghan
  • Deputy Head Boy: Jackson Mackwood
  • Deputy Head Girl: Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe

Learn more about the leaders below:

Head Boy — Matthew Chanwai

Matthew Chanwai joined the St Paul’s Collegiate School student community as a Year 9 day student in 2019 and iss a proud Hamilton House man. As well as his Chinese ethnicity, Matthew proudly identifies as New Zealand Maaori and his Iwi is Ngati Kahu.

He is a strong academic who has gained both his NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 certificates endorsed with Excellence and was awarded his Scholars Tie for Level 1 with a GPA of 100%. At the end of his Level 1 studies, he was acknowledged as a Scholastic Centurion not only for Level 1 Economics, IGCSE Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics but also for Level 3 Music. Therefore, it was not surprising when he also gained an Outstanding Music Scholarship the same year. In 2023, Matthew is undertaking a rigorous academic course consisting of Year 13 Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History. He is hoping to attend an overseas university in the years ahead to further his music studies.

Within the cultural cornerstone, Matthew has excelled. Last year, he was selected as cellist for the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra, was a finalist in the national competition of the NZCT Chamber Music Contest, received a gold award for his cello performance in the London Young Musician competition, a silver award for 20th-21st Century music performance at the same competition, was a nominee for NZ National Young Performer of the Year Award and won a variety of trophies at the Te Awamutu Music Awards. He also sang in the St Paul Collegiate School Choir and Chamber Choir, was the organist for the Pakuranga Choral Society Concert, received an Adastra Foundation Scholarship, and was awarded his Senior Cultural Colours for Music. Matthew’s passion for music and in particular the Cello and Pipe Organ (that graces this very Chapel) have seen him play on stages in Carnegie Hall in New York, Melbourne and the United Kingdom.

Matthew represented St Paul’s Collegiate School at the 2022 Asia-Pacific Young Leadership Convention and recently represented the school at the national World Vision Youth Leaders Conference.

Matthew enjoys the sport of swimming and is a member of the Swimming Elite group at St Paul’s. Last year he was placed third in the Senior Boys 200m Medley at the Waikato Secondary Schools Championship and placed first in the Epic 1km Swim (15-19 years) at the New Zealand Open Water Championships.

Matthew is a stronger supporter of our various service programmes and has volunteered his time to transport patients to Chapel Services through the Waikato Hospital Chaplaincy initiative, has assisted with teaching residents at the St Joan’s Rest home and Hospital with learning the ukelele and with art classes, and worked alongside those new to the Waikato community through the Refugee and Migrant Children After School Programme. He is a member of the Mission Outreach Service Council. For all of these reasons, Matthew was chosen as the 2022 nomination for receiving the Altrusa Youth Award.

Matthew’s teachers describe him as a polite and curious young man who is a pleasure to teach, whose academic results are a reflection of his attention to detail and work ethic. He is personable, diligent and engaged in all that he is involved with. His exemplary attitude, punctuality and level of respect set an outstanding example to his peers.

Head Girl — Lucy O'Meeghan

Lucy arrived at St Paul’s Collegiate School in 2021, as a Year 11 day student in Harington House and her affiliated boy’s house is Hall.

A very diligent and capable scholar, Lucy has gained her NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 with Excellence, and at Level 1 she was acknowledged as a Scholastic Centurion in Business Studies and Sports Science and was awarded her Scholars Tie with a GPA of 93%. At the end of year prizegiving in 2022, Lucy received the prizes for First in Subject Level 2 Agribusiness and Economics, Second in Subject Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics and Sports Science. The previous year she was First in Subject Level 1 Business Studies and Sports Science. Lucy is undertaking a rigorous course in 2023 consisting of Economics, Agribusiness/Business Studies, Account, History, Maths with Statistics. Currently, her plan for the years ahead is to undertake tertiary studies in Law and Commerce either in Auckland or Canterbury.

Lucy enjoys playing sports and in particular, is a valued and loyal member of the First XI Girls' Hockey team for the past two years. This team placed third in the Gilmer Cup Waikato competition, was 17th overall in the Hockey Federation Cup and placed first in the Marie Fry Trophy. She is a gutsy player who puts everything on the line when on the turf. Lucy also enjoys volleyball and being a member of the girls’ fitness group.

Lucy has enthusiastically worked alongside her fellow Hall housemates to give their best performance in both the School Haka and House Singing competitions, and in 2021 was involved in the Harington Fashion Show.

Lucy has actively participated in the Over the Fence Ministry through her involvement with the young children at Bankwood and Fairfield Primary schools. She has offered them mentorship, helped with their reading, and played games over lunchtime. Her natural empathetic nature has made her a popular visitor to these local schools.

Teachers describe Lucy as a student whoy has the talent and discipline to do well. She is a young woman of integrity. Lucy is a friendly, polite and respectful student, who is a confident contributor to the class environment. Lucy is a delightful and valuable member of our classroom. Lucy is diligent and industrious, with impeccable manners. She is a high achiever with a work ethic to match. Her Housemaster summed Lucy up well, Lucy continues to be a most outstanding young woman: driven, intelligent and kind to all of her peers. She is a genuine leader and exemplary student who represents the qualities of what a Harington woman should be.

Lucy proudly represented our school at the Asia Pacific Young Leaders Convention in 2022 and utilized this leadership opportunity to further develop her skill base. Lucy is an approachable, happy young woman who wants to spend her last year of secondary school making a positive difference to the lives of her fellow students. We look forward to working alongside her to achieve this goal.

Deputy Head Boy — Jackson Mackwood

Jackson Mackwood joined the boarding community in Williams House in 2019 as a Year 9 lad having previously attended Whangamata Area School. In 2020, his family relocated to Hamilton and he changed his allegiance to Hall House.

Jackson proudly identifies as a New Zealand Maaori and his Iwi is Ngaiterangi.

Jackson is a committed academic who puts in considerable effort in the classroom environment. He has achieved his NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 certificates endorsed with Merit. At the conclusion of his Level 1 studies, he was awarded his Scholars’ Tie with a GPA of 86% and was acknowledged as a Scholastic Centurion for Level 1 Music. Last year Jackson received the prize for Third in Subject for Level 2 Music. In 2023, Jackson is undertaking a Level 3 course for Te Reo Maaori, Physics, English, Maths with Calculus and Music. His future plans after he leaves St Paul’s Collegiate School include studying at the SAE Institute in Auckland, where he wants to increase his knowledge of creating, mixing, producing and recording music.

In 2022, he was awarded his Cultural Senior Colours for Music and a Service Tie for Dedication to Culture (Music). He performed in the St Paul’s Collegiate School Big Band and Concert Band, and his rock band, The Bagels, was placed third in the regional final of the Rock Quest (regional finalist also in 2021). He has regularly represented his school at a variety of Music Festivals both within New Zealand and while in Year 9, in Australia, through his involvement in the Big Band and Concert Band. He has gained his ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory. Jackson has supported our school productions of Wizard of Oz and Jesus Christ Superstar, by playing in the band for each of the shows. Jackson’s instrument of choice is the drums, but he is also a talented guitarist. He has also loyally supported and often led his House in the Haka and House Singing competitions.

While Music is his passion, Jackson has acknowledged the need for physical exercise through his involvement in Sports photography in 2021, Rugby U14 Colts development and the gold cricket team.

When attending Tihoi intake 2020/1 he was a member of the House who won the Luder Trophy for Overall Winning House, but most memorably Jackson was the recipient of the prestigious Seton Prize for Most Outstanding Student for Intake 1 and the Tihoi Coulter Settlement Cup for Most Virtues. He also gained his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award over this period. Upon his return to the Hamilton campus, he was awarded the Year 10 Johnson Family Junior Oratory Cup and the prize for First in Subject for Year 10 Music.

In 2021, Jackson received the St Paul’s Award for Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy for excellence in all areas of school life. His teachers say that Jackson is a conscientious student, who is a delight to teach. He always brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude to class, and always aims to achieve a high standard. He is described as polite, cheerful, and hardworking, with an exciting future ahead of him. Ever the jovial member of the class, he has been a pleasure to teach.

Last year, Jackson represented St Paul’s Collegiate School at the Asia-Pacific Young Leadership Convention. In his leadership role for 2023, he has the desire to bring back unity amongst the various Year levels within the school and to bridge the disconnect that has become evident since Covid-19. We look forward to watching as he works to bring the sense of community back to St Paul’s as he and the wider Prefect teamwork to achieve this goal. No doubt there will be music involved!

Deputy Head Girl — Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe

In 2021, Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe became a member of the boarding community in Harington House, having previously attended ACG Tauranga. She is affiliated with Sargood House and is a strong supporter of her fellow housemates when they are performing in the Haka and Singing competitions. Incredibly proud of her cultural heritage Roimata’s Iwi is Whanau-A-Apanui (eastern Bay of Plenty and East Coast regions).

Roimata is a determined scholar who likes to challenge herself through her choice of subjects. She has achieved NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 endorsed with Merit and for her Level 1 studies was awarded her Scholars Tie with a GPA of 77%. In 2023, at Level 3, she is studying Te Reo Maaori, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics with Statistics. Her goal is to study Medicine in Auckland in 2024.

Roimata is a strong supporter of the service cornerstone and has raised money for Flame Cambodia by running a half marathon during the Charity Relay last year.

In 2022, she also received her Service Tie for Dedication for Culture – Kapa Haka. Roimata is a member of the Te Kaea Portfolio and for the last two years has been a member of Te Kapa Haka o Hato Paaora Tapu (Kapa Haka Groups), a group in which she was the female leader in 2021, which saw her awarded her Junior Cultural Colours for Kapa Haka. Roimata regularly performs waiata alongside her fellow Te Kaea members and has the most amazingly beautiful voice and vocal range. Her performances are mesmerising.

Roimata has been a valued and committed sportswoman over the past two years, having played for the mixed Hockey XI, Sevens Rugby, and captaining the Senior Gold Netball team in 2021. She has also undertaken Crossfit to increase her fitness levels, which given her participation in both Kapa Haka and Waka Ama, has been a priority.

Roimata’s teachers describe her as considerate, courteous and conscientious; someone who is determined to achieve to the best of her ability; someone who is studious and has a committed work ethic. She is a lovely young lady with a great personality and a sense of humour. Roimata is a bubbly and personable young woman, who brings with her a positive vibe to all that she undertakes. Roimata is thoroughly looking forward to her new role and wants to be remembered for the way she makes people feel, so through her inclusiveness and her ability to speak up and be heard, we believe she will allow for the student voice to be heard. She will be willingly putting herself outside of her comfort zone, but does so for the good of her school community and the wider St Paul’s whaanau.