Boarding end-of-year dinner celebrations

Boarding end-of-year dinner celebrations Heads of Clark House, Genevieve Churton and Oscar Lawson at the awards evening

24 October 2023

This past week marked a significant occasion as our boarders came together for a memorable year-end dinner. The event was not only a festive gathering but also an opportunity to recognise outstanding students and bid farewell to boarding staff who are moving on.

The evening reached its peak with a powerful haka, a heartfelt tribute to our dedicated kitchen staff, who have played an indispensable role in the lives of many boarders who are about to embark on their journeys beyond our school gates.

Awards | Sports

The Year 9 recipient was Noah Candelaria, a key player in St Paul’s First XI boys' hockey team. Despite his young age, Noah consistently starts as Centre Back due to his mature attitude and professional style of play.

The Year 10 top sports achiever was Curtis Gower, who captained the New Zealand U16 Polocrosse Team during their Australia tour. Curtis’s exemplary work ethic and inclusive leadership were instrumental in making the team a close-knit, successful group.

Zara Brangwynne’s incredible prowess in both hockey and rowing saw her receive the Year 11 award. She led the girls’ First XI hockey team to victories in the Midlands competition and the Marie Fry Trophy. In rowing, she clinched numerous medals at various championships, highlighting her versatility.

Dylan Gardiner, in Year 12, excelled as a football sensation. Not only did he captain the New Zealand U17 football squad to an undefeated victory in the World Cup qualifiers in Fiji, but he also earned recognition from the Hamilton Wanderers, winning "Youth Player of the Year" and "Sportsman of the Year."

Year 13 belonged to Gane Harbutt, a record-setting rowing star. Gane secured gold medals in multiple prestigious rowing events and was selected for the Waikato U20 Inter-Provincial Squad, cementing his reputation as a remarkable rower.

Awards | Culture

The Year 9 cultural award was to Waiwaia Mahuta, who proudly embraces his Maaori heritage. A fluent Te Reo speaker and one of the top students in his Maaori class, Waiwaia passionately contributes to Te Kapa Haka O Hato Paaora Ki Kirikiriroa (St Paul’s kapa haka group).

Ethan Peng from Year 10 represented St Paul’s at the United Nations Youth New Zealand Model Parliament in Wellington. As a Member of Parliament in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ethan explored diplomacy and decision-making. This experience honed his debating skills and introduced him to a diverse group of people from around the country.

Year 11’s Aidan Hodgson is not only a top student in Maaori class but also an eloquent Te Reo orator. His achievements earned him the prestigious Te Ara A Kupe Beaton Scholarship, recognizing young Maaori and Pasifika students with the potential to conquer the world stage.

In Year 12, Jackson Norris emerged as a talented musician. His band’s victory at the Rockquest Waikato Regional Finals marked the highest placing any St Paul’s rock band has achieved. Jackson’s diligent music contributions, including composing new songs and passing his Grade 5 Theory examination, underscore his commitment to excellence.

Year 13 Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe leads Te Kapa Haka O Hato Paaora Ki Kirikiriroa as Te Kaea and Kaitaataki Wahine (female leader). Additionally, she is a member of Te Iti Kahurangi, the national kapa haka group, which ranked among the top 12 at Te Matatini competition.

Awards | Citizenship

At St Paul’s Collegiate, the Citizenship Award recognises exceptional individuals who embody the core values integral to being exemplary members of the Boarding Community, including Cooperation, Integrity, Kindness, Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Service.

Starting with Year 9, Tommy Willson, an outstanding young man, has demonstrated remarkable resilience. He has garnered respect and popularity among peers and older students alike. Tommy’s respectful and considerate attitude towards everyone, together with his enthusiastic participation in house life, set an admirable example.

Year 10’s recipient, Hunter Corson, consistently places others' needs before his own. Diligence and a willingness to volunteer are qualities that define him. His positive and uplifting attitude while assisting Matron and performing duties in the house illustrates his role as a servant leader.

In Year 11, Annie Stokes stands out as a devoted volunteer who engages with her peers with a perpetual smile. She earned her service tie for assisting with the Refugee Orientation Centre and radiates positivity while participating in house events and duties.

Year 12 Mariska Pereira exemplified her dedication to service by attending the Asia Pacific Young Leaders’ Conference, contributing to the Mission, Outreach and Service Council, running over 30 km in the Charity Relay, and willingly volunteering within the boarding house.

The Year 13 recipient, Ryan Higgins, stands out as an exemplary leader. His diligence, determination to get things done, and fearless advocacy for the boarding community make him a remarkable role model. Ryan’s approachable, friendly manner fosters positive interactions with peers and staff, showcasing true servant leadership.

Awards | Academic

The junior recipients are chosen based on Excellence credits across all subjects.

Year 9: Charlie Barlow Year 10: Brayden Scott

The senior recipients are chosen based on overall Grade Points Average

Year 11: Ella Snyman Year 12: Rosie Phillips Year 13: Jack Thomas