Korean students welcomed through scholarship scheme

Korean students welcomed through scholarship scheme

28 July 2016

St Paul’s Collegiate School welcomed five Korean students at the beginning of Term 3 as part of the South Korean Government scholarship programme.

The students were selected from eligible schools from agricultural areas in South Korea and will stay for an eight week period.

This is the first year for the scholarship scheme. The programme came about as an outcome of the Korean New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. St Paul’s is one of ten schools to be selected to each host five students.

“St Paul’s, with its strong focus on Agribusiness, has an ideal educational offering for the students who are from farming families who produce rice, onions, tangerine and dairy,” says Helen.

For most, the scholarship will be the first opportunity for travel outside of Korea. It is an excellent opportunity for the students which boasts many educational opportunities for them across language, agriculture, academia and, of course, New Zealand culture.

Helen says there are many benefits for St Paul’s local students also.

“International students provide diversity within New Zealand schools. Both international and local students benefit from sharing their different life experiences, culture and languages.”

The scholarship will see 150 school students from South Korea come to New Zealand over three consecutive years.