St Paul’s inducts four new Fellows

St Paul’s inducts four new Fellows

9 April 2018

As guardians of the school, the role of a Fellow is the same as that of the original founders. If the Board should ever have difficulty in functioning then it is the Fellows role to step in to assist. On Wednesday, four new Fellows took on the highly respected honour, joining 38 others who have been inducted over the years:

  • Archbishop David Moxon: From 1993, as the newly appointed Bishop of Waikato, David established a close relationship with our school with his two sons both attending St Paul’s as students. Bishop David has provided crucial pastoral support to our school’s leadership, but also to its student body, in his regular visits to weekday worship or to the annual Baptism and Confirmation services.

  • Mr and Mrs John and Christine Furminger: John was appointed as the third Director of the Tihoi Venture School in August 1992 with his wife Christine and young family at his side. He brought a high degree of professionalism, vigour and enthusiasm, along with his exceptional skills in outdoor education. Thanks to John and Christine’s efforts, Tihoi Venture campus was recognised “as the best outdoor facility in New Zealand” a year later.

  • Mr John Oehley: Over his 21 years at St Paul’s, John held many roles including Master-in-Charge of Cricket, cricket coach, rugby coach, Assistant Housemaster and eventually Housemaster of Hamilton and Clark House after that. From 2000 to 2003, John was appointed as Senior Boarding Housemaster. In 1999, he was appointed Assistant Principal, a role he held until his departure in 2010. John worked to raise the profile of academics in the school, arranging for the installation of the Academic Honours Boards and to have photos of the school’s top achievers prominently displayed in the same way as sporting successes.

You can read more about St Paul’s Fellows here.