When artistry and teaching combine

When artistry and teaching combine Lila Price at her art exhibition

22 July 2021

Growing up, Lila Price was surrounded by painting, fashion and photography. Her mother was a clothing manufacturer and encouraged her to take an interest in the arts of all shapes and forms. Lila was inspired by her artist mother and became a natural with every brush, pencil and camera she picked up, continuing the family lineage.

Despite being four years old, her mother realised Lila’s artistic potential and entered her into a national drawing competition. The competition was a government-led initiative promoting water safety for children. Lila won a finalist position giving her the opportunity to meet Prime Minister, Norman Kirk as part of the prize. She believes it was this moment that catapulted her into a lifelong love affair with the arts.

Pursuing all the creative subjects she could during her schooling years, Lila reflects on the excellent role models she had throughout this time.

“If a student is positively motivated they become inspired.. I’m lucky to have that experience at high school and feel fortunate that I’m able to share my love of art through teaching,” says Lila.

Completing Bachelor of Design as well as a Diploma of Craft Design, Lila finished her studies with a Diploma of Secondary Teaching from the Christchurch College of Education. This meant she was now qualified to combine her two passions, art and teaching.

Throughout her teaching life, Lila has continued with her own artwork producing some world class paintings, prints and multimedia works. Keeping a portfolio of her work online, Lila’s pieces can be viewed here

The artisan has been Teacher in Charge of Photography and Design at Christchurch Boys’ High School for the past 22 years. Prior to this, she spent four years in Australia teaching art, design and film. Lila joins St Paul’s Arts Department as an art teacher from term three.