Relishing Reality in the Malawi Slums

Relishing Reality in the Malawi Slums

12 December 2019

Having had a long-standing connection with the charity, he is excited to see what comes next.

“I have been involved with the (40 hour) Famine event since I was 10, but this is my first involvement where I am being recognised as an individual. In the past I have been involved in group events but now I get an opportunity to make a difference on my own.”

The 40 hour famine is an event where participants go for 40 hours without food, to raise money for children in African countries impacted by third-world living conditions.

For Daniel, his journey towards becoming an ambassador began in January this year, where he was given the opportunity to spend three days in Auckland at the World Vision Scholarship Week. It was there he decided he wanted to work with World Vision.

“They explained to us their different roles in different countries and what they do. I set my eyes on working for them once I saw all their work.”

He expects to see a shocking reality during his time in Malawi. While not entirely sure what to expect, he is sure it will be the stories and experiences of the local people that will hit home the most. These stories are what he hopes to bring back and use to encourage New Zealanders to donate to the cause.

Daniel’s biggest influence of becoming involved in service comes from attending St Paul’s. As a chapel prefect in his final year at St Paul’s, he was introduced to the Mission and Outreach programme, which whet his appetite for more.

“I was very fortunate in year 12 to be involved in the Mission and Outreach portfolio which included raising money for the 40 Hour Famine. It made me want to do more.”

With his ambassadorship, Daniel will travel around New Zealand schools and encourage students to get involved with World Vision charitable events, such as the 40 Hour Famine and other service initiatives. We wish Daniel all the best, and congratulate him on being selected as a representative for such a prestigious programme.