Service Awards 2022

Service Awards 2022 Year 13 Service Award recipients

31 October 2022

On Monday 31 October, St Paul’s Collegiate School students and staff were recognised for going above and beyond in their area of service and community work. The various outreach programmes from the year include the Over the Fence Ministry, The Community Gala, The Serve, Flame Cambodia, and many other worthy causes both in Hamilton and abroad.

Congratulations to the following recipients on their awards:

Year 13 Awards and Colours:

These students are receiving service awards for their commitment to at least one service programme throughout the year:

  • Emily Jin
  • Lucy Kavanagh
  • Jade Luxton
  • Samuel Peoples
  • Riley Rolton
  • Fiona Su
  • Sam White

2022 Heads of Mission, Outreach, and Service:

  • Zoe Chapman
  • Daniel Williams

Staff Service Awards:

These staff members have been involved with one or more service programme throughout the year, dedicating their own time to assisting with these missions:

  • Marg Benefield
  • Helen Bradford
  • Angela Bromwich
  • Lincoln Churchill
  • Wayne 'Chappie' Douglas
  • Chris Foot
  • Nerroly Hay
  • Matt Hewett
  • Kelvin Hogg
  • Josh Howard
  • Carl Neethling
  • Sue O'Keefe
  • Helen Richardson
  • Christopher Warner

Flame Cambodia Boarders Charity Relay:

Awarded to the students who ran the furthest at the Boarders Charity Relay, raising money for Flame Cambodia:

  • Evie Potter
  • Dylan Fletcher

Year 12 Service Awards:

Awarded to the students involved in one or more of the following programmes: The Serve, Over the Fence Ministry, Refugee Orientation Centre, The Community Gala, Stewart Island Mission, and the St Joan’s Ukelele Club:

  • Matthew Chanwai
  • Genevieve Churton
  • Blake Freyberg
  • Maja Hassall
  • Oscar Lawson
  • Frankie Muir
  • Yash Raina

Chapel IT Team Awards:

These students have consistently shown up to the various chapel services and assemblies, making the technology exceed community expectations:

  • Malachi Flintoff
  • Arjan Kang
  • Jackson Dwyer

Year 11 Awards:

These Year 11 students have shown major dedication to the Refugee Centre Orientation programme:

  • Isaac Albery
  • Asher Downing
  • Trelise Forster
  • Finnula Giedt
  • Oliver Heeley
  • Jimmy Ma
  • Stella McFadden
  • Briar Roden
  • Sarita Williams
  • Grace Walters

Year 9 Service Awards:

Awarded to Year 9 students who have shown outstanding dedication to the service and outreach programmes:

  • Charlie Parlane
  • Matteo Romano-Le Roux
  • Blake Sefton
  • Nish Wood