Student named national St John leader

Student named national St John leader

4 May 2016

Sasha Patil (Year 11) competed at the St John 2016 National Youth Competitions over the ANZAC weekend where she was awarded ‘St John Champion Team Leader’ for which she received the Gilberd Cup.

She also placed first in ‘Team Medical’ and second in ‘Aggregate Team First Aid Tests’ and ‘Team Drill and Inspection’.

In preparation for the event Sasha attended fortnightly national St John training weekends after she was selected to represent the St John Central Region, which covers the Bombay Hills down to Wellington, at the National Youth Festival. She was also selected to be one of four team leaders from the Central Region to lead a group of six.

This was her second time competing at the competition.

As the event was held over the ANZAC weekend, Sasha participated in Civic ANZAC parade held in Otahuhu, Auckland.