Waikato schools rally together to raise $22k for Tanzanian school

Waikato schools rally together to raise $22k for Tanzanian school

6 May 2014

Two of Waikato’s Anglican schools are rallying together for the greater good, taking on a project to build a classroom for disadvantaged and orphaned children at the Njombe International Academy, Tanzania. St Paul’s Collegiate School and Waikato Diocese School for Girls will raise $11,000 each to fund one classroom at the newly established academy.

The school is situated in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania on 208 acres of fertile land. The land will be used primarily for growing pine and eucalyptus trees and for farming and agriculture to help self-sustain the project. The remainder of the land will consist of school buildings and playing fields.

The school was founded by Richard Morris, former housemaster of St Paul’s Sargood House, and will educate 96 pre-primary, 336 primary and 336 secondary school students from 44 neighboring villages. Sixty percent of the 768 children educated at Njombe International Academy will be orphans or vulnerable children, in which either their mother, father or both parents have passed away.

The academy will be an all-boarding school with extracurricular activities that will help encourage involvement in various sports and other commitments. Morris is working alongside different members of the Tanzanian government to make this project a success.