Learning Enhancement Unit

Leading the way for learners of all abilities, St Paul’s Collegiate School offers a range of academic programmes. Young people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and learning abilities are provided with the necessary tools to get the best from their education through St Paul’s Learning Enhancement Unit (LEU).

The LEU department comprises teacher aides, reader-writers, and learning support staff, ensuring all young people attending St Paul’s are encouraged to maximise their learning potential.

While the LEU typically assists learning disabilities and differences, there are also “priority learners” living in challenging socio-economic environments. The LEU team serves these learners through a range of programmes, including a supportive space, academic mentoring, learning support, quiet areas and goal-setting programmes.

Heading the programme is the Director of Inclusive Learning, who oversees management of teacher aides, organises the curriculum and facilitates Individual Education Plans with parents, agencies, and staff. To ensure staff are well-equipped to handle the variation of learners, the Director of Teaching and Learning, provides ongoing support to teachers and teacher aides.

With proven success from the programme thanks to small class sizes and a talented team of teacher aides, St Paul’s has created a system whereby learning support is acceptable and stigmas around differences in learning is removed.