Use of vehicles by students

A written request from the parent/guardian is required for a student to drive a vehicle to school. The framework for which a student may use a vehicle at St Paul’s is outlined below. St Paul’s would appreciate the support of parents/guardians in the implementation of and adherence to these regulations. Areas of particular concern are the carrying of passengers, the use of vehicles during the school day and the peer pressure to which student drivers are sometimes subjected.

Where the student has the intention to provide transport for another student to and from school, written permission must be received from both sets of parents.

Driving permits

Students who wish to apply for a driving permit are to do so via eForm in Spider. When approved, you will be given a parking permit sticker and an allocated car park.

Please note that all restricted drivers must have completed a defensive driving course. You can book through Mr Paul Wilson here.

Driving regulations

Infringements of the below rules may mean suspension or cancellation of a student’s school driving permit.

1. Student vehicles are not to be used during school hours without written permission from a parent and approval by the student’s housemaster
2. All students leaving the school grounds (in vehicles or as pedestrians in vehicles) during normal school hours (8.10 am to 3.30 pm) must sign the Gate book located in the school office
3. All students must comply with Ministry of Transport regulations at all times
4. Unless accompanied by a parent, students need a school driving permit to drive a vehicle to school at any time
5. All vehicles brought to school by students must be registered with the associate headmaster. Changes must also be recorded with them within a week
4. Permission to carry passengers is necessary. Parents of both driver and passenger(s) must give their approval in writing
5. Vehicles must be parked in the chapel car park unless a housemaster specifies otherwise
6. Vehicles may be parked in the administration car park after 5.30 pm
7. Vehicles are parked in the school grounds at the owner’s risk
8. Vehicles may not be parked outside the school grounds when used to travel to school
9. Vehicles must only use the main school entrance (Hukanui Road), not St Paul’s Road or Casper Street
10. Vehicles are not permitted to park in front of Williams House or park near the new gymnasium
11. Driving permits must be clearly displayed in the motor vehicle window at all times while parked in school grounds.