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Updated 16 January 2019

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Pastoral care

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Careers planning

Music and culture


Academic staff

Below is a list of teaching staff from all subject areas. To contact any of the staff listed below, please use the staff directory on the contact page of this website.


  • Head of Department Angela Bromwich
  • Accounting and Enterprise teacher Garth Littlejohn
  • Economics teachers Elizabeth Pitu, Dan Teka


  • Agribusiness Programme Director Peter Hampton
  • Agribusiness Curriculum Director Kerry Allen
  • Teacher in Charge (AgHort and Agribusiness) Chris Foot


  • Head of Department Kelly Saunders


  • Teacher in Charge Bruce Rawson


  • Head of Department, Leader of Curriculum Bryan Summerfield
  • Assistant Head of Department Andrea Dela Rue
  • Teacher in Charge (Media Arts) Josh Howard
  • English teachers Michael Groom, Heidi Lewis, Colin Lewis, Stacey King, Brad Emslie


  • Teacher in Charge (French) Robert Aldridge
  • Teacher in Charge (Spanish) Martin Simoncelli
  • Teacher in Charge (Te Reo Maori) Tauhau Thompson
  • Teacher in Charge (ESOL) Lee Elliot


  • Head of Department and Leader of Curriculum Teresa Hastie
  • Maths teachers Helen Bradford, Byron de Beer, Katie Lilley, Neil Muirhead, Carl Neethling, Paul Wilson, Carolyn Gibbs


  • Director of Music Tim Carpenter

PE/Sports Science

  • Director of Extracurricular Activities Peter Gilbert
  • Head of Department, Leader of Curriculum Craig Hardman
  • High Performance Cricket and Rugby Coordinator Paul Hodder
  • PE teachers Andrew Gibbs, Ryan McCarthy, Michael Rameka, Daniel Harper

Religious Studies

  • Chaplain Peter Rickman


  • Head of Department, Leader of Curriculum (Chemistry) Duncan Smith
  • Head of Department (Science) Kelvin Hogg
  • Head of Department (Biology) Roger Bell
  • Head of Department, Leader of Curriculum (Physics/Electronics) Dave Sole
  • Teacher in Charge (AgHort and Agribusiness) Chris Foot
  • Science teachers Jackie Lock, Jason McGrath, Ainsley Robson, Mike Simmonds, Jane Spenceley, Keegan Stewart, Ben van Meygaarden, Nicole Schollum

Social Sciences

  • Teacher in Charge (Tourism) Ian Campbell
  • Leader of Curriculum Christina Nicolaas
  • Head of Department (Geography) Craig Morton
  • Head of Department (History) Defyd Williams


  • Teacher in Charge (Computing) Helen Chileshe
  • Head of Department, Leader of Curriculum (Technology) Andrew Harries
  • Graphics teacher Phil Clement
  • Technology/Engineering Teacher Matthew Hewett
  • Technology/Graphics teacher Iain Rudkin
  • Director of Digital Learning Simon Ward