Structured homework

At St Paul’s Collegiate School we firmly believe that homework is an integral part of a student’s education.

Homework helps students develop study habits that are essential for intellectual growth and academic achievement. For this reason homework is given and individual preparation encouraged.

St Paul’s offers boarders a structured approach to homework through supervised prep time. For the boys' in boarding houses, homework (prep) is done in the dining room under the supervision of a housemaster. The boarding girls do their homework within their house.

Boarders spend up to 90 minutes each week night at prep, where senior students and teaching staff are available to help. The opportunity also exists for our boarders to work collaboratively together. This approach helps our boarders to develop the kind of study habits that are essential for academic achievement.

The amount of homework increases, in terms of both volume and complexity, as a student moves through the school. The type of homework varies and consists of formal written work, preparation for class the next day, specified reading and revision. To assist with the planning of their homework, prep is set using an electronic diary.