Boarding at St Paul’s

St Paul’s Collegiate School’s small community and modern boarding facilities offer the perfect home-away-from-home for students who complete their secondary education as a boarding student.

Each boarding house is staffed by a housemaster, deputy housemaster, assistant housemaster, matron and residential assistants.

Four comfortable and well-equipped boarding houses, safely located on the school grounds, place the boarders at the heart of the school community. Three of the houses are for boys and the other is for girl boarders.

Just as families do at home, here at St Paul’s our boarding family eat together, study together and play together.

When new boarders start at St Paul’s, we make a special effort to introduce them to our family culture. New boarding students are placed in small peer support groups with other boarders, ranging from 13-17 years old, where they build relationships and life-long friendships.

Prefects and senior students also play an important role in the ’settling in' period for new boarders. We are fortunate that through the leadership of our housemasters we have some strong role models among our senior boarders. They remember their life as a new boarder and will go out of their way to ensure new boarding students feel welcome and comfortable in their new home.

Pastoral care

Qualified support staff including a chaplain, nurse, guidance counsellor and careers counsellor are available for students. Students can also call on their housemaster and deputy housemaster, who live on campus, for support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each house has an allocated housemaster who meets daily with a deputy housemaster to discuss student progress, highlights and concerns. The housemasters are responsible for the pastoral care and progress of each student’s academic, sporting and cultural involvement. Housemasters assist students with study methods, personal organisation and social behaviour. They are also available for consultation with parents where they can communicate by phone, email or arranged meetings.

View our pastoral care staff and boarding housemasters here

Scheduled prep

St Paul’s offers its boarders a structured approach to homework through supervised prep time. Homework (prep) is done in the dining room under the supervision of a housemaster.

Junior boarders' in-weekend

St Paul’s boarding community is largely made up of students from rural New Zealand. Boarders have the option of staying on campus over the weekend with their peers instead of going home. In addition, each term there are one or two weekends where boarders must remain at school and activities and outings are arranged for them.