2023 Prizegiving

2023 Prizegiving

3 November 2023

The School Community met together on 2 November to celebrate the students' achievements at the 2023 Prizegiving.

The occasion started with an address from Headmaster Mr Ben Skeen.

"Today provides an opportunity for our community and its individual members to pause and assess the year that has been. We are afforded a chance to consider questions such as “How will history judge St Paul’s ‘version 2023’ ?” and/or “What will those in the future say when reviewing our 2023 thinking, actions, and vision?”

"To the class of 2023, our Year 13 leavers, led with gusto, intellect and boundless initiative by Head Girl Lucy O’Meeghan, Head Boy Matthew Chanwai, Deputy Head Girl Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe and Deputy Head Boy Jackson Mackwood, I extend the School’s deep appreciation for the advocacy, energy and contribution you have made as a leaving cohort to the history books of our School’s story.

"Knowledge, customs, and skills are passed down through history by elders; masterful teachers, and mentors who ensure the foundation is strong for the next generation to step foot onto. To our teaching staff and wider support staff, I offer my heartfelt thanks for your commitment to our educational philosophy, for your belief in standards, for your willingness to play motivator, disciplinarian, coach, advocate, and cheerleader for our young people, often all within the same lesson and/or the same hour. Collectively you are building a better tomorrow.

"I wish to emphasise again, we have to be better. We have to demand more of ourselves, we have to demand more of our friends, we have to be the light that obliterates the darkness. Now cannot be the time for appalling silence."

The 2023 Prizegiving video can be watched here.


  • Remy Groenendijk, St Paul’s Aeronautical Trophy
  • Jessica Goldsmith, The Gummer Gavel
  • Seamus Eade, Venessa Joyce, Caitlin Lou, Samuel Nicholson, Cowan Plate
  • Jackson Mackwood, The Rodney Hamel Cup
  • Monique James-Thomas, Parr Music Trophy
  • Xiang (Sean) Chang, Zichang (Peter) Huang, The Janet Cole Cup
  • Supreme Cultural Award, Seumas Eade


  • Renee Carey, The Davies Family Cup
  • Gane Harbutt, The Wayne O'Brien Trophy
  • Sam Jefferis and Gane Harbutt, (Rowing Coxless Boys’ Pair) Director of Sport Award
  • Taine Moeke, Te Tupuwai (Excellence in Sport)
  • Gane Harbutt, The Peter Gilbert Trophy
  • Sophie Dunn, The Margaret Forsyth Trophy
  • Dylan Gardiner, The Cole Cup


Year 11

  • Paul Davey, Charlie Etherington, Campbell Soanes, Year 11 Industry Awards
  • Matilda Millar, Business Studies
  • Georgia Roberts, Design and Visual Communication
  • Shaunik Punjabi, Digital Innovation
  • Christine Wang, Digital Visual Arts
  • Fredricka Savill, Drama
  • Judah Downing, Engineering
  • Alec Harvey, Furniture Making
  • Matthew Taylor, Geography (shared)
  • Rebecca Winefield, Geography (shared)
  • James Su, IGCSE Mathematics
  • Iona Martynoga, Te Reo Maaori
  • Ashwin Bhorkar, Science, Third in Economics
  • Liam Stiles, Computer Science, Third in Music, Third in NCEA English
  • Jesse Chen, Accounting, Second in Digital Innovation
  • Aiden Hodgson, Physics, Second in IGCSE English
  • Yazmine Japra, Agricultural and Horticultural Science, French
  • George MacDonald, Business Studies (shared), History
  • Ella Snyman, Chemistry, Level 2 Spanish
  • Adam Chapman, NCEA English, Spanish
  • Eric Joe, Music, Mathematics, Science
  • Annabelle Stokes, Art, Biology, Sports Science, Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus
  • Roy Zhu, IGCSE English, Economics, History, Second in Chemistry, Third in Cambridge AS Mathematics

Year 12

  • Alyssa Fenemore and Lucie Foster, Year 12 Industry Awards
  • Finlay Derry, Accounting
  • Dylan Gardiner, Agribusiness
  • Tia-Rose Unsworth, Art Design (shared)
  • Amelie Austin, Art Painting (shared)
  • Maria Grilli, Art Photography (shared)
  • Jack Kingston, Art Photography (shared)
  • Lily Luxton, Business in Society
  • George Adamson, Computer Science
  • Sam Fletcher, Drama
  • Rosie Phillips, Economics
  • Eason Cho, Electronics (shared)
  • Ethan Walters, Electronics (shared)
  • Oliver Robertson, Engineering
  • Jessie Morris, Geography
  • Xuhan (Fionna) Sun, Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus
  • Grace Potter, Sports Science
  • Samuel Stokes, Art Painting (shared), Third in Spanish
  • Jacob Porteous, Design and Visual Communication, Third in Computer Science
  • Nathaniel Bodle, NCEA English, Third in Mathematics with Calculus
  • Anica Downing, Art Design (shared), Second in Economics
  • Lily Robinson, French, Second in Mathematics with Statistics
  • Isabella Egan, Music, Second in Chemistry
  • Isla Robinson, Geography, Second in Agribusiness, Second in History, Second in NCEA English
  • Jono Allen, Agricultural and Horticultural Science, Digital Innovation
  • Kade Slade, Art Printmaking, Furniture Making
  • Trelise Forster, AS English, Economics (shared), Mathematics with Statistics, Second in Accounting, Third in Biology
  • Sadie Williams, History, Media Studies, Te Reo Maaori, Second in Biology, Third in English
  • Nika Asadi, Biology, Chemistry, A Level Mathematics, Physics, Dave Woodley Physics Cup Level 2

Year 13

  • Blake Freyberg and Yuxuan (Leo) Xie, Year 13 Industry Awards
  • Genevieve Churton, Agricultural and Horticultural Science
  • Nathaniel Allen, Art Design (shared)
  • Chloe Su, Art Painting (shared)
  • Charlize Walther, Art Photography, The Bell Photography Award
  • Samara Yigit, Art Printmaking – Etching Practice
  • Lily Crowley, Art Printmaking – Linocut Practice, The Thornton Gallery Trophy for Most Promising Artist, St Paul’s Creative English Writing Prize
  • Jamie Carruthers, Construction, St Paul’s Graphics and Technology Department and Waikato Master Builders Association Award for Exceptional Skills on the Construction course
  • Joshua Blake, Design and Visual Communication, David Harries Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Graphics and The Photo Life Studios Graphics Art Award (camera)
  • Mikaela Speake, Digital Innovation
  • Sophie Lawrence, Earth and Space Science
  • William Bodle, Economics, Deloitte Accounting Prize
  • Mela Thiara, Engineering, Mike Powell Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Craftsmanship
  • Ryan Higgins, Media Studies (shared)
  • James Milroy, Te Reo Maaori
  • Emily Stevenson, Tourism
  • Caitlin Walters, Music, Third in Mathematics with Calculus
  • Boyuan (Cary) Guo, Physics, Third in Chemistry
  • Lawsen Harte, Media Studies (shared), Second in English
  • Michaela White, Art Design (shared), Second in Digital Innovation, Third in Design and Visual Communication
  • Poen Hsieh, A Level Mathematics, Second in Chemistry, Third in Physics
  • Sarah Johnstone, Art Painting (shared), Drama
  • Yifei (Karina) Yu, Accounting, Geography, Waikato Geographical Social Trophy (shared), International Leadership Award, Senior Oratory Award
  • Alyssa Sayers, Agribusiness, Sports Science, The PW Johnstone Memorial Trophy, Wintec Sports Studies Trophy
  • Beth Clearwater, Biology, Computer Science, Second in Physics, Third in Chemistry, Third in A Level Mathematics
  • Jessica Goldsmith, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics with Statistics, Gary Judkins Statistical Trophy

Special Prizes

  • Lucy O’Meeghan, MacKenzie Lenton, Emma Lobb, Lachlan Mouat, Peter Hampton Innovation in Agribusiness
  • Malachi Flintoff, ICT Award, For dedication and commitment to ICT within the School and Chapel
  • Jono Allen, St Paul’s Parents’ Association Scholarship Awarded to a Year 12 student who started St Paul’s in the lower band and has now qualified for a full NCEA Level 3 (Achievement Standards) course next year
  • Roy Zhu, St Paul’s Award for Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy, Awarded to a Year 11 student who has excelled in all areas of school life, academics, sport, culture, special character and leadership
  • Sadie Williams, St Paul’s Award for Year 12 and the John Oehley Cup, Awarded to a Year 12 student who has excelled in all areas of school life, academics, sport, culture, special character and leadership
  • Matthew Chanwai, Te Hookai Nuku – Senior Manukura Ariki Maaori Academic Excellence Award
  • Jenna Brangwynne, Venessa Joyce, Ryan Higgins, Oscar Lawson, Headmaster’s Prize Awarded for outstanding service to the school in a wide variety of areas
  • Blake Freybert, Remy Groenendijk, Frankie Muir, Yifei (Karina) Yu, BNZ Awards, The BNZ Awards are given to four Year 13 students who have excelled academically and/or in leadership, sport and cultural areas
  • Ronin Cooper, G W Lander Resilience Award, Awarded to a student who has shown real courage and tenacity in the face of adversity
  • James Milroy, Te-Manu-Tawhio-Rangi Trophy, Awarded to the student who celebrates, enhances and develops Kaupapa Maaori and services to Te Whaanau o Hato Paora in all facets of school life and in the wider community
  • Caitlin Lou, De Jong Trophy, Awarded to the student who has put in a consistent effort in all areas of school life. Someone who always gives their best in everything they do. This award is sponsored by MOAA Architects
  • Roimata Callaghan-Bristowe, The Fitchett Trophy, Awarded to the most outstanding female leader in the school other than Head Girl
  • Jackson Mackwood, The Luman Family Trophy, Awarded to the most outstanding male leader in the school other than Head Boy
  • Lucy O’Meeghan, Andrea Jean Jenkins Cup for Head Girl, Awarded to the Head Girl for her outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of school life
  • Matthew Chanwai, Leggatt Prize & Old Collegians’ Trophy for Head Boy, Awarded to the Head Boy for his outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of school life
  • Arjan Kang, Galatians Trophy, Awarded to the student who displays the following qualities: patience; kindness; faithfulness; humility and self-control
  • Maja Hassell, Savill Cup, Awarded to the student who has contributed to the school in a wide variety of activities
  • Jack Thomas, Evan McCulloch Trophy for Proxime Accessit
  • Jessica Goldsmith, Katrina L Ward Cup for Dux of the School