Honouring the Hornsby generosity

Honouring the Hornsby generosity The architects' (MOAA Architects) visual design of the Hornsby Learning Hub as located in the 'heart' of St Paul's.

3 April 2019

As the school roll grows, so too does the need for new infrastructure and more resource.

The next couple of years will see an exciting addition to the St Paul’s campus in the form of the Hornsby Learning Hub, located in the ‘heart’ of the school.

Although this new building will replace the Hornsby Library, it will continue to honour the name of the couple whose energy and generosity is behind the existing library.

Mr Reg Hornsby, the school’s fifth headmaster, and his wife Mary, played a significant role in the history of St Paul’s and its crucial formative years.

The Hornsby Library opened in 1968 and was built to cater for 360 students. It proved an immediate success, providing an oasis of warmth and quiet in the midst of the normal rush of school life.

With a roll of 750 today, St Paul’s has outgrown this space and the Hornsby Library no longer meets the requirements of today’s teaching and learning.

“Libraries have become collaborative learning centres, more essential for improving student achievement. There is an urgent need for a larger modern learning space at St Paul’s,” says Headmaster Mr Grant Lander.

The new facility will offer a wide range of learning spaces and technologies where students can access support, work on a group assignment, socialise, video conference or schedule an extra lesson with a tutor. It will become an integral part of everyday life providing a welcoming, friendly and comfortable space to be enjoyed by all – something the Hornsby’s would have been supportive and proud of.

As the legacy of Reg and Mary Hornsby lives on, so too can yours by purchasing a chapel chair plaque to support the Hornsby Learning Hub and future students of St Paul’s. There are 150 chairs available for naming at a cost of $1500 per chair. To purchase a plaque, please contact Andrea Harper at a.harper@stpauls.school.nz or 027 603 7260.

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