Meet the Heads of School

Meet the Heads of School Head Students Sadie Williams and Will Hadley

16 February 2024

Head Boy Will Hadley and Head Girl Sadie Williams gave their opening address to staff and students in the Headmaster’s Assembly where the pair articulated their visions for the year. Will discussed accepting vulnerability, and Sadie centered hers around being fearless.

Sharing his insecurities around public speaking, Will shared his own vulnerabilities by delivering a meaningful message to the assembly.

“Through accepting vulnerability or acknowledging our own imperfections, we can foster a deeper understanding of both ourselves and the peers around us,” said Will.

He recognises that overcoming the complexities of vulnerability or the 'enemy' is achievable for everyone. Will also acknowledged that his time at St Paul’s had gone by quickly, so he reminded others to, “seize the next week, month, or year, because like I said, the time will be gone before you know it.”

Head Girl Sadie, who compared delivering a speech with a sudden loss of breath, perfectly executed her thoughts on being fearless in the St Paul’s community.

"Be fearless enough to take the leap. Try something new. Don't let the weight of popularity or preemptive judgment hold you back,” shared Sadie.

She reminded students they must be fearless enough to speak up for what matters, stand up for those who deserve their voice, and call out people for their wrongdoings.

Will and Sadie invite students to introduce themselves so they can begin placing more names on faces while in their leadership positions. They have certainly made their mark on their school with their courageous leadership launch and we look forward to outstanding leadership.