New appointments for boarding 2024

New appointments for boarding 2024 Mr Tapara and Mr Ross

2 November 2023

St Paul’s Collegiate School is excited to announce several new appointments within its boarding communities. These changes reflect the school’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible pastoral care and support for its students.

Williams House: Starting April 2024, Mr Adam Ross will take on the role of Housemaster for Williams House. Mr Ross joined St Paul’s in 2020 as an experienced Mathematics teacher and has served as the Deputy Housemaster in Williams House since 2022. His six years of experience in a boarding house, both at St. Paul’s and as the former Head of Boys' Boarding at Feilding High School, make him well-prepared for this role. In his previous position, he was responsible for student enrollment, staffing, pastoral care, and the day-to-day operations of the boarding house. His wife Sarah and young son & daughter (with one on the way) are looking forward to continuing their proud association with Williams House.

Additionally, we welcome Mr Brad Emslie as the Deputy Housemaster of Williams House. Mr Emslie has been an integral part of the St. Paul’s community, having served as an excellent Deputy Housemaster between 2019 – 2021. Throughout his career, he has held pastoral responsibility close to his heart, notably as our current Director of Sport, a role in which he comfortably wears many hats, always presenting calmness and thoughtfulness. His wife Cari and their two young daughters are also looking forward to continuing their proud association with Williams House.

Sargood House: Beginning January 2024, Mr Lionel Tapara will step into the position of Housemaster for Sargood House. Mr Tapara has been a valued member of our community since the start of 2022, when he joined us as a teacher and the Deputy Housemaster of Sargood. With 18 years of teaching experience, including his time as Assistant Principal of Sommerville School in Auckland, he brings a wealth of expertise to the role. His deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with boarding school life has prepared him well for the responsibilities of a Housemaster. His wife Hannah and young son are looking forward to continuing their proud association with Sargood House.

We are also thrilled to introduce Mr Lincoln Churchill as the newly appointed Deputy Housemaster of Sargood House. With four years of experience at St. Paul’s, primarily in the role of Director of Hockey and part-time teacher, Mr. Churchill has developed a deep appreciation for our boarding students and the close-knit community that surrounds and supports them. His previous experience as an Assistant Housemaster in Adams House at Christchurch Boys' High School has provided him with invaluable insights into the significance of investing in people. Mr Churchill places significant value on building strong and meaningful relationships and firmly believes that 'people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.' His wife Anita and two young children are also looking forward to commencing a proud association with Sargood House.

Clark House: In January 2024, Mr Matt Rees-Gibbs will become the Deputy Housemaster for Clark House. His journey at St Paul’s began as the Assistant Housemaster of Clark House in 2021, a role that he has excelled in over the last two and a half years. His deep connection with the boarding community and the strong relationships he has built with Clark House students make him an invaluable asset to our team. Mr Rees-Gibbs’s enthusiasm, commitment, and pursuit of excellence in all he does make him a motivated and positive presence. He finds inspiration in the success of those around him and is quietly determined and resilient, attributes he developed while pursuing his sporting ambitions and now applies to his teaching career. His wife Kate and twins to come are looking forward to continuing their proud association with Clark House.

Mr de Klerk’s passion for pastoral care and dedication to student development align perfectly with our boarding community’s values. With six years of experience as a hostel duty master at different schools and four years as a Housemaster at Repton House (Rathkeale College), Mr de Klerk has had experience in creating supportive and nurturing environments for young people.

We are confident that his experience and commitment will continue to contribute to the success and well-being of the students in Clark House. His wife Sharai, and four young children, are looking forward to commencing a proud association with Clark House.

We congratulate these talented individuals on their new roles and look forward to a great year for each house in 2024. Thank you for your continued support of St. Paul’s Collegiate School’s boarding community.