Career planning

Career education is embedded in St Paul’s Collegiate School’s culture and is integrated across curriculum areas and pastoral care networks.

St Paul’s has qualified and experienced staff that are available to assist in the provision of careers advice and planning, particularly in the area of careers profiling for seniors. In brief, the school-wide format is as follows:

Years 9 and 10

Short group sessions are held in classes where students are given tasks, introducing them to the concept of a career as well as facilitating access to an array of resources available.

Students choosing subjects for Year 11 are seen briefly on a one-on-one basis to ensure that their subject choices are accurate and future career or study pathways are not limited.

Year 11

All students will have an initial one-on-one interview with a careers adviser during the course of the year. Approximately one hour per student is allocated to this session and the process entails formal career profiling.

Students are encouraged to start investigations into three or four areas of strength and career interest. They are also given specific activities to support this selection process.

Each student is expected to have a career folder, which retains material of interest to them. Prior to submitting their Year 12 subject choice, students are required to indicate their career(s) of interest. Students whose results and subject choices are not consistent with their particular career interests will be re-interviewed to identify any issues that will prevent a student from achieving their chosen path.

Year 12

Those students taking five subjects will, under the guidance of a careers adviser, have the opportunity to fine-tune their plans via a myriad of websites available. This is supported by guest speakers, discussion sessions and brief one-on-one report back sessions.

For those students taking six subjects, a series of meetings will be conducted once a term. These sessions will provide an abbreviated version of what the remainder of the group is doing. The objective of this programme is for students to have narrowed down their options to a main choice and a back up by the end of the year.

Year 13

By Year 13, career and work discussions should be in their final stages. Students should be making plans for tertiary study, a gap year or the world of work. Information gathering continues in association with careers staff. Attendance at university information days is mandatory for those choosing this option on graduation from St Paul’s.

Students are introduced to the process of scholarship applications and made aware of the scholarship options available to them. Students are also encouraged and supported to actively pursue scholarships and meet closing deadlines. Halls of residence and university applications are monitored to ensure that students are placed into their course, and accommodation of choice, in a timely manner.

In addition to university applications students are encouraged to gain work experience in areas of interest. Holiday work, even if voluntary, is strongly advised and encouraged. Those students entering the work force in the following year will have their work experience monitored by a careers adviser.


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