Wellbeing resources for parents

We have put together a range of resources for parents to use as a guide to assist with wellbeing support.

Raising Young Men

Trying to communicate with your son/s can be challenging as they navigate through the bumpy ride of being a teenager. We are all living in a society where things are changing at a rapid pace. During this journey you son will be doing his best to fit in with societal change, his peers and his family.

Raising Young Women

It is no surprise that girls transition through puberty a lot earlier than a century ago. All of these physical, emotional, and psychological changes can be challenging for them and their parents to navigate. Technology and the expectations social media portrays have complicated this phase of life. It is more important that young women have good role models to look up to that they respect. These role models are crucial pillars to ‘compare’ some of the expectations that they will see on social media. Whilst everyone will raise their daughters in their own way, here are some useful resources to help create positive relationships at home.


St Paul’s Collegiate has a zero tolerance approach to bullying. Bullying is a physical, verbal, through technology or social behaviour that happens on a repeated basis and makes an individual feel unsafe. It is important to address poor behaviour as soon as possible. It is important that poor behaviour is addressed early. The first contact point at St Paul’s would be your son/daughter’s Housemaster for advice. The schools guidance councillors are available to contact confidentially. Using the following resources to have a discussion with your son/daughter on how they can use strategies to mitigate bullying.

Gaming and the Online World

Screen time can be challenging for parents. Importantly, young people must be given guidance over what is a healthy amount of screen time to have per day. We need to remember that because laptops are used in most classes, students can be engaged in 1 – 5 hours of screen time just from a standard school day, before we add in other screen time. If not controlled, young people tend to rely on devices to communicate with others and to keep themselves occupied during the time which in the past was used to be creative and relax. Screen time is about finding a balance so that it is productive whilst not having other effects on our young people. Family Zone provide an excellent product that allows you to manage your child screen time.