Pastoral care at St Paul’s

The central aim of St Paul’s Collegiate School is to encourage and support students to achieve their potential. In terms of academic potential, every staff member has a part to play to ensure students achieve their very best in the classroom. This also applies to personal potential. Each staff member stands in loco parentis (in place of the parents) during school hours and in the case of boarders 24-hours a day.

Staff guide, care and inspire student’s growth within the St Paul’s community as parents would do at home. Every teacher and staff member at St Paul’s is, to some extent, involved in the pastoral care of students. There is also a dedicated team of approximately 30 pastoral care staff to ensure there is always at least one person who student’s feel comfortable approaching when they need to discuss health or emotional concerns.The pastoral care team at St Paul’s consists of:

• Deputy Headmaster of pastoral care
• Housemasters
• Deputy Housemasters
• Assistant Housemasters
• Matrons (boarding)
• Nurse and on-call medical professionals
• Head of Learning Resource Unit
• Chaplain
• School Counsellor
• School Hauora teachers


Our Year 9 students, Year 11 girls and any new students have the opportunity to use Komodo – a digital platform that collects data, analyses it and supplies to key pastoral staff to monitor the well-being of a young person.

Once a week, students are prompted with nine questions asking about their well-being. This will give them a Komodo score. These results are confidential between the student and key members of our pastoral team. Importantly, it provides a vehicle for students to send their Housemaster a message or request a check-in if they are not feeling great.

If we believe any students need help or someone to talk to, our pastoral team will be in touch directly with the student. If we are really concerned, we will make contact with you, their parents and caregivers.