Agribusiness at St Paul’s

With a growing demand for skilled workers in the primary industries, St Paul’s Collegiate School teamed up with Dairy NZ, Beef + Lamb NZ and eleven primary sector organisations to create New Zealand’s first Agribusiness curriculum for secondary school students.

Agribusiness at St Paul’s includes a study of topics in the area of plant science, soil science, food science, microbiology, agri-management and finance, economics, digital technologies, agri-innovations, agri-marketing, primary production processes, future-proofing, growing value and international trade.

This academic course exposes students to the wide range of skills required and the opportunities available in the primary sector up to and beyond the farm gate. It is offered at NCEA Level 2 and 3 and has been designed for students who excel in science and commerce. It is taught under four strands:

  • Agri-science
  • Agri-marketing
  • Agri-management and finance
  • Agri-innovation.

The Donny Charitable Trust Agribusiness Scholarship

The Donny Charitable Trust Scholarship will be awarded to students that show particular interest in agribusiness, who live in New Zealand and who may not have the financial means to attend a school outside of their area specialising in agribusiness. This scholarship will assist the student to meet most of their boarding and tuition costs at St Paul’s. Applications close at the end of term two each year but an enrolment form to attend St Paul’s must have been completed and submitted already.

Want to find out more?

Please email our enrolments office or visit the scholarships page to download an agribusiness scholarship application form.

If you're an agribusiness teacher or educator, join the Agribusiness in Schools Facebook group.