Academic results

St Paul’s Collegiate School achieves NCEA, Cambridge International and New Zealand Scholarship results that are significantly higher than the national pass rates each year.

NCEA and University Entrance

Roll-based data has been provided below to demonstrate the academic strength of St Paul’s. Roll-based data is a true reflection of a school’s academic performance. It shows the percentage of students who gain NCEA out of the total number of students on a school’s roll, at each year level.

Many schools use another set of data called participation-based data. This form of data only shows the percentage of students who attempted the minimum number of credits necessary to gain NCEA.

All St Paul’s students are entered into NCEA and have sufficient credits available in their subjects to pass.

2020 St Paul’s Pass Rates 2019 St Paul’s Pass Rates 2020 National Pass Rate
NCEA L1 (Yr 11) 96% 95% 70%
NCEA L2 (Yr 12) 96% 95% 79%
NCEA L3 (Yr 13) 96% 92% 71%
University Entrance 81% 80% 52%

Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge is the world’s most popular international qualification. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide and is an international passport to progression and success.

2020 St Paul’s Pass Rate 2019 St Paul’s Pass Rate
IGCSE (Year 11) 97% 98%
AS (Year 12) 96% 88%

New Zealand Scholarship

New Zealand Scholarship is the most in-depth and complex examination for New Zealand secondary school students. Roughly 3% of students who sit the exams are awarded a pass and less than .5% are awarded an outstanding endorsement.

2020 St Paul’s 2019 St Paul’s
Scholarships 26 26
Outstanding 1 2