What can I send to my son while he’s at Tihoi?

The catering provided for your sons at Tihoi is close to restaurant quality and there is plenty for them eat therefore they don’t require extra food. However, seasonal fruit is always well received. We would appreciate you not sending lollies, chocolate etc. The boys have lots of opportunities to bake and dessert is served with every meal in the dining room. You may send them extra equipment, clothes such as extra socks, books or photos.

Your son will always enjoy a letter from you or another member of the family. He is required to write a letter home once a week, using two sides of a sheet of A4. Don’t worry if he runs out of the envelopes you sent with them, Tihoi has envelopes they purchase at the stationery shop.

How do I get a package down to Tihoi?

Every week a member of the Hamilton campus will travel to Tihoi – mostly on a Monday or Tuesday. The Director will give you notice on which day this will be happening and what time parcels need to be at school reception.

Buses and Transport

The first day at Tihoi is a special day so we encourage parents to bring their sons by car. There is no bus service available on this day. From the first leave weekend, a bus will be available for students to travel back to the Hamilton campus and return to Tihoi. You can book a seat on the bus, either way, through the Director who will communicate these days and times with you.


A lot of time and thought goes into which Tihoi house students are placed and what students they are placed with. If you have any concerns about your son you would like to raise, please do this well in advance by contacting the Deputy Headmaster – Mr Craig Hardman.

Requests for leave from Tihoi campus

If you have a request for your son to leave Tihoi during his time there, a formal request must be emailed to Deputy Headmaster, Craig Hardman, and Director of Tihoi, Peter Evans.

What should my son do to prepare for his Tihoi experience?

  • Work on his fitness. He should be able to or is working towards running 3km without stopping. If he needs help with this, get him to contact his Housemaster
  • Work on his cooking and baking skills. A young man who can cook or bake well will contribute positively in the house
  • Learn how to clean
  • Learn how to make his bed to a good standard.
  • Read advice and experience of others in the Tihoi Knowledge Sharing Guide here


At the induction evening, the Director talks about a few key pieces of equipment. It is very important these are of good quality and fit the student properly. These include: a tramping pack, boots, sleeping bag and rain jacket / pants. If you have bought new boots, please ensure your son wears these in before arriving at Tihoi.

Parent Tramp

During the second term of the Tihoi intake, parents are invited to join their sons on a Parent Tramp. This is a wonderful opportunity to see your boy in action and for him to show you what he has learned. He will lead and guide you through this tramping experience. We schedule two weekends to hold Parent Tramp and give you the option of which weekend you wish to attend (dates are on the Tihoi Calendar). These tramps are scaled to cater for your fitness and comfort levels and you can choose the level of tramp that best suits you. A comprehensive gear list will also be issued and we provide plenty of time for you to voice any concerns or questions with the Tihoi Director.

Medical and Dietary Requirements

It is imperative that your medical details for your son are up to date. This will ensure that the staff will be able to provide the best care for your son. If your son has any specific medical concerns, please let the Director know.

The Tihoi staff have some excellent qualifications in first aid. Most hold a PHEC certificate and our clinic is well stocked and equipped. Safety is paramount at Tihoi and every measure is taken to ensure medical attention is not required but it is reassuring to know they have the skills and equipment in the unlikely event it’s needed. Every morning and evening a clinic, at the centre, is available for the boys to visit who may be on regular medication or who need some medical attention. The staff are professional in the way they deal with medical issues and you will be notified of any issues in a timely manner should the need arise.

If required we may take your son into the Taupo Medical Centre to receive a doctors opinion and prescription. These visits may incur a cost which will be added to your school account.

Taupo hospital is around 40 minutes away and Rotorua hospital is just over an hour away from Tihoi.

Our catering team is led by full time chef, Gee Pasco. With more than 16 years experience cooking for teenagers at both Tihoi and another school, he is highly skilled and able to provide any special dietary requirements for your son.

General information

Below is a list of resources that will help you to plan for your child’s time at Tihoi Venture School.

All Year 10 boys who attend Tihoi are required to have certain clothing and equipment for their 18-week experience to ensure they are comfortable, warm and safe.

If you have any questions about the Tihoi experience, please contact Tihoi Director Peter Evans at the details provided below.

Tihoi postal and physical address

287 Tihoi Mill Rd

Tihoi contact details

Phone: 07 372 8416
Email: p.evans@stpauls.school.nz

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