General information – Tihoi

Meals at Tihoi

The catering provided for your sons at Tihoi is close to restaurant quality and there is plenty to eat. They don’t require extra food; however, seasonal fruit is always well received. The boys have lots of opportunities to bake and dessert is served with every meal in the dining room and ask that they are not sent lollies, chocolate, etc.. Our catering team is led by full-time chef, Gee Pasco who has more than 16-years of experience cooking for teenagers; he is highly skilled and able to provide any special dietary requirements for your son.

Sending packages to Tihoi

Parents may send extra equipment such as extra socks, books, clothing or photos and he will always enjoy a letter from family members. All parcels go through ‘Tihoi Customs’ to check for illicit goodies when the boys open them. Parents are discouraged from sending food, although birthdays are an exception to this rule. A cake to share with housemates is fondly welcomed. Parents are discouraged from sending money to Tihoi; the boys receive a small allowance on expeditions which is disbursed by Tihoi. Parcels can be dropped off at our Hamilton campus by 3.30pm most Mondays for delivery at Tihoi the following day. The Director will give you notice on which day this will happen and what time parcels need to be at the school reception.

Letter writing

Letter writing is an essential component of Tihoi. Being away from home can be an intense experience and the boys are encouraged to write home weekly. Replies from mum, dad, siblings and even the cat are eagerly awaited. The boys write a letter home regularly using two sides of A4 paper; if he runs out of envelopes, Tihoi has envelopes to purchase at the stationery shop.

Please limit the number of parcels you send. Remember, we want your son to create new relationships and feel connected with those at the Tihoi campus rather than relying on their weekly parcel from home.

Email correspondance

Electronic newsletters are distributed every one – three weeks to notify parents about transport arrangements, upcoming events and achievements of students. Directors use regular email correspondence to contact and update parents with news and details of current activities

Buses and Transport

The first day at Tihoi is a special day so we encourage parents to bring their sons by car. There is no bus service available on this day. From the first leave weekend, a bus will be available for students to travel back to the Hamilton campus and return to Tihoi. You can book a seat on the bus, either way, through the Director who will communicate these days and times with you.


A lot of time and thought goes into which Tihoi house students are placed and what students they are placed with. If you have any concerns about your son you would like to raise, please do this well in advance by contacting the Associate Headmaster – Mr Craig Hardman.

Requests for leave from Tihoi campus

If you have a request for your son to leave Tihoi during his time there, a formal request must be emailed to Associate Headmaster, Craig Hardman, and Director of Tihoi, Peter Evans.


During their stay, students are assessed on social interaction, fitness, outdoor skills and academic work. Regular reports on students' progress are sent to parents. At the end of each students' 18-week experience a full report is forwarded to parents and a certificate is presented to students for their completion of the Tihoi experience.

If you have any questions about the Tihoi experience, please contact Tihoi Director Peter Evans at the details provided below.

Tihoi postal and physical address

287 Tihoi Mill Rd

Tihoi contact details

Phone: 07 372 8416