Pastoral care at Tihoi

While living at Tihoi students are supported by a house tutor whose role is to support students in their personal, academic and social development. There is one house tutor allocated to each house.

Students keep a record of their experiences, thoughts and feelings in a journal which they share with their house tutor who discusses and reviews entries one-on-one with individual students each week. Journals are a reflective activity for students but also provide a confidential way to communicate deep thoughts, emotions and concerns with staff.

For advice, guidance and supportive counselling, students have direct access to their house tutors as well as senior staff and the director.

Social education

Each week, students have a timetabled hour of 'Social Education' when the house tutor discusses any social problems and changes in group dynamics in the houses (both collectively and individually). This time is also used by house tutors to introduce personal and interpersonal skills and a sense of community.


The clinic is open every interval and provides time and opportunity for social, personal and medical assistance. Students also have access to professional counselling from the chaplain and counsellor who both visit Tihoi on a regular basis.