Health and pastoral care at Tihoi

While living at Tihoi students are supported by a house tutor whose role is to support students in their personal, academic and social development. There is one house tutor allocated to each house.

Students keep a record of their experiences, thoughts and feelings in a journal which they share with their house tutor who discusses and reviews entries one-on-one with individual students each week. Journals are a reflective activity for students but also provide a confidential way to communicate deep thoughts, emotions and concerns with staff.

Social education

Each week, students have a timetabled hour of 'Social Education' when the house tutor discusses any social problems and changes in group dynamics in the houses (both collectively and individually). This time is also used by house tutors to introduce personal and interpersonal skills and a sense of community.


The clinic is open every interval and provides time and opportunity for social, personal and medical assistance.

There is an onsite daily clinic for ill and injured students; any boys needing more than basic aid are referred to the Taupo Medical Centre. Boys do not need to bring personal medical kits as the clinic is stocked appropriately.

If students are taking medication they should arrive with enough to cover the term. All medication is held in the first aid clinic. It is imperative that your medical details for your son are up to date. This will ensure that the staff will be able to provide the best care for your son. If your son has any specific medical concerns, please let the Director know.

Most Tihoi staff hold a first aid certificate and the clinic is well-stocked and equipped. Safety is paramount at Tihoi and every measure is taken to ensure medical attention is not required but it is reassuring to know they have the skills and equipment in the unlikely event it’s needed. Every morning and evening a clinic, at the centre, is available for the boys to visit who may be on regular medication or who need some medical attention. The staff are professional in the way they deal with medical issues and you will be notified of any issues in a timely manner should the need arise.

If required, we may take your son to the Taupo Medical Centre to receive a doctor’s opinion and prescription. These visits may incur a cost that will be added to your school account. Taupo Hospital is around 40 minutes away and Rotorua Hospital is just over an hour away from Tihoi.

Personal guidance and counselling

For advice, guidance and counselling, students have direct access to their house tutor and to any of the senior staff at Tihoi to speak with in complete confidence. The directors have an open-door policy for students with concerns and professional counselling from St Paul’s Chaplain and guidance counsellor is also available.


Tihoi operates within a strict code of practice. Our policies for each outdoor pursuit and within the centre obey national guidelines. The outdoor pursuits we practice have inherent risks. Ongoing risk assessment, adherence to industry standards, staff training and comprehensive safety management scheme minimise these risks whilst maximising challenge and potential outcomes for the students.

Tihoi and its safety management systems, staffing competencies and policies are annually audited by OutdoorsMark, a nationally accredited outdoor audit agency.

Staff qualifications

All full-time staff are residents of Tihoi and are trained teachers and outdoor instructors. Teaching staff are invariably degreed and have the necessary teaching qualifications. Outdoor instructors have the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Qualification (or the equivalent). All staff are trained in first aid.