Parent visitation and events

There are many family-focused events held throughout the 18-week Tihoi Venture School programme, which provide an opportunity for parents to visit their son on campus.

Some of these events include:

Community day

Parents work with their sons to complete projects in the Tihoi area. Several projects are arranged and parents can opt for a particular job.

Family day

Students host family day where they demonstrate some of the skills acquired and their academic progress while at Tihoi. Family and friends are welcome.

Parent tramp

This is a weekend event where parents are invited to join their son for a tramp. There are three different tramps offered that cater to all fitness levels and capabilities.

Parent visits

For some students the leap to self-reliance takes a while and, even if your son is not in this category, visiting him may set other boys back, therefore parent visits are discouraged. Parents can consult with the directors if there is an urgent need to visit.